Breastfeeding With Breast Implants – Myths and Facts

March 7, 2018     

Breastfeeding With Breast Implants - Myths and Facts

When you become a mother, there are a lot of duties which follow after giving birth. The most important one is to keep the baby nourished and healthy.

Now what is the most important source of nourishment for a newborn? Breast milk.

Breastfeeding With Breast Implants

Breast milk is the ultimate source of all kinds of proteins and other nourishing factors.

But what if, the mother has breast implants? 

Does it change the equation totally? 

Most doctors say it doesn’t. It all depends on the woman ultimately. Getting a breast implant is not bad in anyway and to take care of your inhibitions, it does NOT affect your baby either.

The most common myth is that a woman who has breast implants will not be able to breastfeed their baby. There might be difficulty when some kinds of breast implant surgeries are performed, but inability? No.

Myths and facts of breastfeeding with breast implants:

Let’s start with the most common myths and facts of breastfeeding with breast implants which are asked by mothers all over the world.

Myth: Having breast implants causes problems while breastfeeding.

Fact: This is a myth is a grey area for many mothers out there as the fact is having breast implants does not cause any kind of problems in breastfeeding. The grey area in the myth comes into place because, most of the breast implants are placed through the armpit region or from the sub-mammary region.

Breast Implants

But in some breast implant surgeries, the implants and incisions are made around the perimeter of the areola region of the breast. In that case, there are minimal chances of the lactiferous ducts being damaged .

It is important for a woman to decide and the cosmetic surgeon to make sure that the breast implant and incision is made from the armpit or the submammary region to help breastfeeding with breast implants.

Myth: Silicone in the breast implant may contaminate the milk.

Fact: This is an absolute myth. No kind of implant puts the baby’s health at risk in any way. Most implants are made of silicone. Silicone’s modular structure is heavy and does not obstruct the flow of milk or pollute it for that matter. Overall, the silicone prevents disintegration.

Even if there is a breakage or if the breast implant has a defect, it will not harm the baby’s health in any way.

Myth: Post breastfeeding with breast implants, a regular checkup is necessary to adjust the implants. 

Fact: This is another myth which has got some amount of popularity. The truth of the matter is, breastfeeding has no connection to the implants as such. The breast implants have no impact on breastfeeding the baby. However, there might be aesthetic changes which should be consulted with your cosmetic surgeon.

Myth: Breast Implants can fix any kind of modification of the shape of the implants post breastfeeding. 

Fact: Usually, post pregnancy and birth, breasts turn saggy after the lactation period. Most women might think that breast implants is the solution to get their breasts back in shape, but contrary to this, a breast lift surgery is more advisable.

Some of the concerns which women might face is the fact that they might experience greater engorgement than average when the milk comes in.

Another common, yet harmless issue which women might face is Mastitis. This condition occurs when there is a inflammation of the breast tissue and usually accompanied with fever, chills and pain. It usually occurs due to blocked milk ducts and can be easily treated with antibiotics. It also happens to women who do not have implants, so DO NOT WORRY.

Breastfeeding with breast implants is something many women do and are comfortable with all over the world. It needs to be understood that implants play no role in the process of breastfeeding. But, if there is any issue, please consult us at Cosmosure your best backup ever and we will be your solution to any kind of problem. Silicone, plastic and of course, just skin.


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