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Does Hormonal Imbalance Lead To Skin Problems?

July 24, 2020  

Yes, some hormonal imbalances can result in various skin problems. Some internal diseases fluctuate the production of hormones which causes skin diseases. Hormone levels drop during menopause leading to skin changes and dropping oestrogen levels causes dry or itchy skin and acne problems. For information on skin diseases due to hormonal changes watch out the talk show. You can find a permanent solution for your skin problem here at Cosmosure Clinic, Hyderabad.

Solution To Get Rid Of Dandruff By Dr. Swapna Priya, Dermatologist

July 20, 2020  

Do you know, dandruff is the most commercially exploited skin condition? Many people both men and women are desperate to get rid of this skin disease. It mainly affects your scalp causing itchy, flaky scalp. Dandruff is mostly caused due to lack of hygiene maintenance like not washing or oiling your hair regularly. However, if you have tried a lot of remedies to get rid of dandruff and fed up? Listen to Dr. Swapna Priya’s, simple tips that might help you to get rid of dandruff. She is one of the leading dermatologists in Hyderabad.

Dr. Swapa Priya’s Tips To Treat Sweaty Palms & Feet

July 18, 2020  

Hyperhidrosis is a condition called excessive sweating. The eccrine sweat glands are largely found on the feet, palms, face, and armpits. Your body may be overheated when you’re feeling emotional or moving around or as a result of hormonal ranges, the sweat glands get activated by the nerves. It might be technical to understand, watch the video for crystal clear information about tips and treatment. If you are experiencing sweaty palms and feet conditions consult Dr. Swapna Priya, Consultant Dermatologist at Cosmosure Skin Clinic, Hyderabad.

Does Skin Tags Turn Into Cancerous Tumours?

July 15, 2020  

Skin tags are that resembles a small, soft balloon type of harmless skin growth or benign tumour. Generally, skin tags are not cancerous(malignant) and even if left untreated. In extremely rare cases, a skin tag may become cancerous. To know when they become cancerous watch out the video by Dr. Swapna Priya, Consultant dermatologist at Cosmosure Skin Clinic, Hyderabad. If you are experiencing skin tags problems consult our skin experts for a definite solution.

Why The Skin Between Thighs Become Black? – Dr. Swapna Priya, Dermatologist

July 10, 2020  

Dark skin on your inner thighs can be experienced by any individual, regardless of gender and skin tone. Often people suffer from itching problems also between the upper thighs. There were a lot of reasons like tight clothing, rubbing thighs while walking or exercising etc, to appear so. For more information watch out the talk show of Dr. Swapna Priya, the best dermatologist in Hyderabad. Don’t hesitate to consult her if you have any skin problems, book consultation right away.