Ear Surgery – Who is the Ideal Candidate?

December 4, 2017     

Who is the Ideal Candidate for Ear Surgery

Why go we go to tailors? Because they stitch clothes for us that fit us like a dream. Now we understand where the term tailor-made comes from. There are many times we wish our orhas were tailor-made too, especially the ones that are outside the body. This wish of ours has also come true, with cosmetic surgery allowing us to transform ourselves into the people we’d like to see in the mirrors.

Our ears are one of the most prominent features of the face. Many babies are born with birth defects which affects ears where there might be some deformation on the ears, such as misshapen ears, disproportionate ears or the ears are not in position as they are supposed to be.

In other cases, the damage is done manually by piercing the ears which may tear the ear or the earlobe.

Most things we lose do not come back to us but our ears can be back the way it was by doing a cosmetic surgery of the ear.

In the ear surgery, the cosmetic surgeon performs the surgical procedure called as Otoplasty which can return the ear to a more normal shape, can also fix congenital defects and also most everything else which can bring back the self esteem of a person.

Who is the ideal candidate for an Otoplasty or Ear Surgery?

With regard to children, in many cases a child may be born with a congenital defect which leads to disproportionate, smaller or bigger ears.

Otoplasty or Ear Surgery

Babies as such as well all know cannot be operated on. The ideal age of a person on whom the procedure of Otoplasty can be performed is five years.

Why five years, you may ask. 

The cartilage of the child is strong enough and developed to be operated upon only after five years of age, which is why one should wait.

The child should also be in good health and should not be suffering from any chronic health disease which might affect the healing process. A young child should also be taken care of the parents and cooperate before the surgery and after as well so as to make the healing process more effective in nature.

With regard to adults and teens, the ideal candidate would be:

  • The person needs to be healthy and should not be suffering from any chronic or even life threatening conditions as it affects the healing process.
  • People who smoke are not ideal candidates for this procedure. Smoking affects the healing process post the surgery.
  • Everyone fantasises about how good they would look post a particular surgery. The expectations after the surgery must be understood and accepted by the patient so that the surgeon can move forward without any inhibitions.

Even though Otoplasty or Ear surgery is a fairly commonly conducted procedure all over the world, it must be understood that risk is involved everywhere. Before deciding on the procedure, the patient must consult with an expertise cosmetic surgeon or a reputed clinic so that the surgeon can understand the desire of the patient and also how the procedure should be done so that the risks can be completely avoided.

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