Gear Up For Your Ear Surgery!

November 23, 2017     

Ear Surgery in Hyderabad

When it comes to having surgery, nobody would be thrilled to get one. However, most of the times, it becomes essential for a person to undergo a surgery, either for medical or aesthetic purposes.

Surgeries need to be done with precision and as well as care so as to minimise whatever level of risk is involved in the particular surgery. This is especially true when one intends to get a cosmetic surgery done, because the overall motive is to uplift a person’s existing appearance, and any botch up in the surgery would have the absolute opposite impact. Therefore, one must do thorough ground work before zeroing in on a reputed surgeon to give them the look that they have always desired.

Even though it is the surgeon’s job to get the procedure done without any complications, it also the job of the patient to follow the set of do’s and don’ts which the doctor suggests before the procedure is done.

There are a lot of regular activities patients indulge in which might have a negative effect on the procedure and may increase the risks of complications either during the procedure or often hampers the process of recovery.

A Ear surgery is similar to any other surgeries. Even though surgeries on the ears are done for cosmetic refiguring at most times, it still comes under a complicated and delicate process for the cosmetic surgeon.

There are certain measures which needs to be given by the surgeon and followed by the patient before the surgery is done as a means of preparation.

Preparation and things to remember before a Ear Surgery:

Before a Ear Surgery

Every act of a person eventually needs some kind of preparation and planning. Seldom it happens when people do things just spontaneously until the situation demands it.

Some preparations needed for a Ear Surgery are:

  • Avoiding aspirin, ibuprofen and other non steroidal anti-inflammatory medications before the surgery as they hamper the process of recovery. Vitamin E and herbal supplements should be avoided as well for two weeks before the surgery.
  • Refraining from smoking is highly necessary two weeks before and two weeks after the surgery as well. Nicotine and tobacco can result in scarring and affect healing.
  • Avoiding sun damage is suggested for two weeks before the surgery.
  • Having vaseline ointment and using a headband is strongly suggested by the doctor to protect the ear.
  • On the night before the surgery, it is strongly suggested not to eat or drink anything including water.

There are some preparations which need to be taken on the day of the surgery as well:

  • Eating or drinking anything including is water is strictly prohibited. Essential tablets and medications should be taken only with a sip of water.
  • Wearing loose fitting clothes helps on the day of the surgery.
  • Make up of any kind should not be worn on the day of the surgery.
  • If the patient has problems with vision, glasses can be worn but not contact lenses.

All of these measures which have been suggested under preparations is to ensure the surgeon can perform the procedure without any kind of hindrance from the patient’s end. This benefits the patient and the surgeon on an equal note.

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