Gynecomastia surgery procedure

May 31, 2017     

 Gynecomastia surgery procedure

Man Boobs? Don’t shy away to take off your shirt – Know about gynecomastia treatment!

Know about gynecomastia treatment

Are you embarrassed with enlarged male breast? Don’t worry! A simple surgery can give you a lasting and amazing result.

When we think about an ideal male chest, we think of muscles and definition. But for some people, this is not the case. Sometimes the male breasts become large and begin to sag. This condition is called Gynecomastia.

While having enlarged male breasts is not life threatening, it can be quite a worry, especially because large breasts are a female attribute. Men who suffer from this gynecomastia feel conscious about their appearance and tend to wear thick layers of clothing just to cover up their chest.

What causes gynecomastia?

There are numerous factors causing gynecomastia in people. The most common causes for gynecomastia are:

  • Side effects of certain medications
  • Low production of testosterone
  • Alcohol
  • Obesity

causes gynecomastia

The treatment for gynecomastia involves a unique combination of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. So for those who are looking for gynecomastia surgery, here’s what our experts have to say…

How it works?

To avoid spending money, most people might resort to workouts and diet plans to reduce the excess fat in the chest area. But unfortunately, the efforts might not be as fruitful as expected. Exercise and a healthy diet may help you lose overall fat in the body. This might just reduce the severity of gynecomastia, but is not permanent.

A male breast reduction is the only way to get a more contoured look for your chest area. This surgery removes excess fat and breast tissue and restores a flat, firm and more masculine looking appearance of the chest. Every case will be different, and the procedure is carried out based on the severity of the condition. For instance; some people might need fat removal along with the breast tissue, and some might require only the breast tissue or just the fat to be removed.

The treatment for gynecomastia

How it is done?

  • Liposuction is done to remove the fat deposits. However, a liposuction is not enough to eliminate the breast tissue. This would require a surgical excision.
  • After the liposuction, a U-shaped incision is done right under the nipple to remove the gynecomastia gland that is enlarged.
  • The breast tissue is then separated from between the skin layer and the muscles.
  • The skin and the nipple area are then sutured back. The scar is almost invisible and fades with time.
  • The surgery lasts for 40 to 45 minutes and is painless. However, the surgeon will give you general anaesthesia, for you to relax during the surgery.
  • After the surgery, the patient will have to wear compression garments for a few weeks so that the body heals faster.
  • This will make the skin in the chest area firm and tight.

Our aim is to build your confidence, and make you believe that you too have a chance to look your best! 

gynecomastia surgery

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