Hair Loss: A Chronic trouble. Here’s a long-term solution

August 19, 2017     

Medication For Hair Loss Must Be Continued Lifelong

What is the thing that sets apart our generation from the older ones? The fact that we lead very hectic lives? No. What characterises our generation is the fact that many of us suffer from lifestyle diseases. Now, when we talk about lifestyle diseases, we picture blood pressure and diabetes inside our heads. We aren’t wrong on that count, but are these the only ‘diseases’? No. One thing we never consider as a chronic medical condition is ‘hair loss’.

Even though we worry when we see strands of our precious hair on the washroom floor, our combs or even our clothes, we never take it very seriously. The maximum we do is, change our hair products, try some herbal hair hacks, or just eat healthy. However, when it comes to medication, do we consider that as an option? Maybe sometimes.

So then, what is this hair loss that we are focusing on?

Hair loss is a condition where the present hair rapidly falls off, and the growth is suppressed. Especially with the kind of lifestyle most of us live, hair loss has become a major concern that many of us face. But we still treat it very differently from other chronic health conditions.

It is inevitable that people with diabetes, thyroid or arthritis would have to rely on medicines for the rest of their lives. But no one would do the same in the case of hair loss. Hair loss is also one among these chronic problems which can be controlled, but not completely cured. It is often mistaken for aesthetic reasons, leaving out the fact that it is a  hormonal imbalance, and needs to be addressed in time.

For many of us, hair loss is more of a beauty concern than a health issue, which is why, the use of medicines on a long-term basis might look like a worry.

The Question: One of the most important concerns people have is, the usage of medicines. It is said that if you start using Minoxidil, you will have to continue using it for the rest of your life. How true is this, or is it just a myth?

Let’s find out.

The Answer: It is true that if you initiate hair loss treatment with Minoxidil, you must continue to ensure that hair growth is maintained. Hair loss is not different than most other medications taken for chronic medical conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, etc. Medications for these health conditions are usually prescribed for a prolonged period in order to maintain benefits. Patients with hair loss fail to understand hair loss as a chronic condition, and therefore, expect that the treatment should have an end result at a point where it can be stopped. Dermatologists must explain the chronicity of hair loss, and inform patients about the importance of using minoxidil lifelong.

Minoxidil is a maintenance treatment for preventing further hair loss, which can also relapse if discontinued. The patient can lose hair rapidly and can also go bald if the medicine is neglected after starting the course. Minoxidil makes the hair thick and healthy, much like sunscreens and toothpaste. Regular use is the only way to benefit from the treatment of minoxidil.

While treating yourself with medicines for chronic problems is a normal thing, hair loss is almost a neglected condition. It is important to understand that hair plays a crucial role in not just making us look good, but also in protecting the scalp from the sun and other foreign infections. Genetic conditions like pattern balding must be considered on a serious note to have better hair health.

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