Here Are Things You Should Not Do After A Rhinoplasty

March 16, 2018     

Things You Should Not Do After A Rhinoplasty

Your face is you most distinguished characteristic. People all over the world will know and identify you with your face, right?

But the features of your face also matters when it comes to beauty and also identification. A squint eye, a slightly crooked nose, chipped teeth and so on. While these can be good for identifying a person, it is not exactly a good thing. No one likes to have these characteristics.

So what can be done if you have a slightly crooked or over sized nose?

Slightly Crooked or Over Sized Nose

When you have a nose that’s a little over sized, or if it has a hump that makes it look odd, you’re definitely in an uncomfortable position where you can’t really hide your nose or avoid public. It’s one of the most visible parts of your face and holds great significance in building your aesthetic personality.

What do you do when you need to get your nose fixed? (That is, if you need a nose job).

A nose job is what you’d resort to. Advancements in the world of cosmetic surgery has brought about effective changes that can correct your appearance with a range of surgical and non-surgical treatments. A nose job, or a rhinoplasty is one of these cosmetic corrective treatments.

Nose Job

So, let’s assume you’ve planned to get a nose job done. You might be excited to get your nose corrected, and probably are fantasising how your nose will look like post your nose job surgery, but what about the medical aspects of a rhinoplasty. Apart from the aesthetic part of the procedure that includes your nose being sculpted to look more attractive, rhinoplasty also has internal medical aspects to deal with.

Now when you talk about the internal medical aspects, it refers to the overall functioning of your nose. A corrected nose and its nasal bones usually take around six weeks to heal completely. So, imagine if your nose just looked pretty without being able to function well. That is a problem for you and the doctors performing your surgery. At Cosmosure Clinics, we leave no room for second questions and doubts. Every aspect is taken in importance before the surgery.

So to avoid any such situations, you should take ample care and rest while recovering. Your recovery will specifically depend on the activities you avoid doing, after getting a rhinoplasty done. That will reduce the downtime and improve your nasal health.

Here’s a list of all that you should not do after a rhinoplasty.

Do not indulge in any rigorous activities: Gymming, jogging and weight lifting are a strict no no for you if you’ve got a nose job done. When you perform any activity that involves using your strength and body weight, it involves using most of your muscles including facial muscles. As a result it can strain your nasal muscles which can lead to complications. You can resume any such activity best after three weeks of recovery time.


Do not blow your nose: It is important to avoid excessively blowing your nose, as the tissues in the nose are very sensitive for about three weeks after a rhinoplasty. Blowing your nose can irritate the tissues further and might cause pain and other complications.

Stop alcohol intake: Alcohol intake can cause adverse effects when consumed while taking certain medications after a rhinoplasty. Hence, it is advised to strictly avoid alcohol consumption during the recovery after a nose job.

Alcohol Intake

Quit smoking: Smoking after a nose job surgery can have a similar impact as alcohol, if resumed immediately after a rhinoplasty. Your doctor will be very specific about avoiding alcohol and smoking as both can damage the delicate tissues in the nose.

Quit smoking

 Avoid going out in the sun: You might be tempted to spend some time out in the sun once your bandage is removed and your nose is healing well. The sun can cause discolouration in any of the incision areas where the tissues are yet to heal completely. The sun can also cause burning sensation to your nose which can further damage the tissues or cause other severe complications.

Do not touch your nose out of curiosity: Your nose tissues and bones inside are very delicate after a rhinoplasty surgery. You might be curious as to how your nose looks and feels like after the nose job. If you touch it too much you might end up misaligning the bones, or reshape the cartilage which can change the results that you’ve been expecting.

So these are the most important you need to keep in mind after your rhinoplasty surgery. When you take these small steps to recover after a nose job, your results are bound to be better than your expectations. So if you are planning to get yourself a nose job done, and want to know more about what a rhinoplasty surgery does, and involves, you can write to us or call us to book an appointment. One consultation with our experts can help you get your nose sculpted beautifully. So, hurry up and call now.


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