How Rhinoplasty Helps With Common Breathing Problems

December 19, 2019     

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Want to know how breathing can be corrected with Rhinoplasty?

Do you think having a nose surgery is better in case of breathing problems?

Then go through this blog! Know how rhinoplasty is effective to correct common breathing problems.

Various diseases can cause difficulty in breathing through the nose, and conditions including infections, nasal congestion, sinusitis, nasal polyps, and inflamed tissue. If you have normal mouth breathing, then no problem and nothing to worry about. But prolonged mouth breathing due to nose problems can cause bad breath, dental problems, sleep apnea, and a damaged immune system. However, there are treatments for those who have difficulty breathing through the nose, rather than using nasal sprays.

Although nose surgery is usually used to improve the size and shape of the nose, surgery can also be used to help those who have difficulty in breathing through the nose. It is simple, safe, and painless. In rhinoplasty procedure, a surgeon makes a small incision in the nose, which is not visible after the procedure. Since nasal surgery can overcome any structural problem, this can help eliminate nasal congestion, resulting in easier and more efficient breathing.

A broken nose can also cause breathing problems, and nasal work can help improve breathing in people with a broken nose. In some cases, nose surgery may be combined with a procedure called septoplasty, which is performed to adjust the shape or size of the septum, the area between the nostrils. A qualified rhinoplasty surgeon at Cosmosure Clinic can tell you if the surgical procedure is right for you or if there are other solutions. Cosmosure Clinic provides you this blog with the details of the surgery and how rhinoplasty help with common breathing problems — detailed below!

There are two types of rhinoplasty surgeries done based on the requirement. They are:

Cosmetic Nose Correction By Rhinoplasty:

The purpose of cosmetic nose surgery is to improve nose appearance so that your nose is more symmetrical and proportionate to your other facial features. This can be used to make your nose smaller, narrower, bigger at an angle, and to change the size and position of your nasal passages.

Functional Nose Correction By Rhinoplasty:

Best Treatment for nose correction by Swapna Priya, One of the skin specialist near me lady doctor

The most common nasal problems that can be corrected by nasal surgery include turbinates that are too big, a disrupted septum, and small nostrils. If your nose is long and narrow, it may be difficult to breathe through the nose, especially after exercising. Rhinoplasty can help widen the nose and make it easier to breathe.

Some have nostrils which are naturally narrow or it could have been damaged by injury or collapse the bone as they get older. Functional rhinoplasty improves cartilage in the nostrils and corrects structural defects that block your airway to breathe better.

Symptoms of Functional Airway Obstruction:

  • Mouth breathing (especially at night),
  • Dry mouth or reduced olfaction
  • Epistaxis
  • Recurrent sinusitis
  • Sinus headache
  • Eustachian tube dysfunction
  • Sleep disturbance.

If left untreated, these symptoms can potentially cause more severe manifestations of chronic nasal dysfunction, including insomnia, hypertension, obstructive sleep apnea, and even heart disease.

Here in this blog, we are going to learn more about functional rhinoplasty and how it corrects the breathing problems.

Some of the Conditions That Can Be Overcome By Rhinoplasty Surgery:

Deviated Septum: Septum is cartilage that separates the right and left sides of the nose. The deviation is a bend of the septum. If the septum bends sharply to one side or the other, it can block the air passage from one or both sides, which makes breathing difficult.

Best Deviated Septum surgery by Swapna Priya, One of the best dermatologist in hyderabad

Turbinates that are swollen and Enlarged:  Turbinates used as a nasal moisturizer. They consist mainly of the nasal mucosa so that they swell periodically in response to the environment (i.e., allergic). For example, lying on one side can makes breathing difficult through the nostril. This is the effect of normal turbinate swelling.  Sometimes, chronic enlargement of the turbinate can inhibit breathing one or both sides. This condition may be medically treatable but may require surgery for help.

Best treatment for nostrils at Cosmosure clinic, One of the best skin care centre in hyderabad

Middle Vault Narrowing or Collapse: Collapse refers to weakness of the middle vault or sidewall of the nose. This causes them inward to fall when they breathe deeply.

One of the most demanding cosmetic operations is rhinoplasty. and all the above functional rhinoplasty is treated by talking to the best plastic surgeon about the surgery. This requires excellent attention to detail and a thorough understanding of the functional aspects of nasal breathing. Therefore, the choice of a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon is crucial for successful results.

Nose Middle Vault Narrowing treatment at Cosmosure clinic, One of the best skin care hospital in Hyderabad

Cosmosure Clinic provides you with all the above and gives you satisfying results.

Rhinoplasty Surgery Procedure:

Best Rhinoplasty treatment by Dr.Sanjeev Sasmith. B, One of the best Plastic surgeon in Hyderabad

Each nose operation is different because each patient’s obstruction and goals are different. Depending on the cause and location of respiratory obstruction, nasal surgery can revise the upper nasal bone, lower cartilage part or both, and the skin on the outside of the nose. Incisions are made in the airways or the nasal septum in the septum. However, the cuts are almost invisible or not visible at all.

Rhinoplasty can be done with general anesthesia or with local anesthesia with sedation.  Taking medical and surgical history, a surgeon will determine which option is right for you. Remember During the consultation says about any previous allergic reaction to anesthesia.

Nasal surgery can be done on the nose or through a small external (open) and internal (close) incision in the nose area between the nostrils. A surgeon may adjust the bones and cartilage under the nose. A surgeon can change the shape of the nose, or cartilage in various ways, depending on how much you need to remove or add, how the nose is structured. For small changes, the surgeon can use cartilage that has been taken deeper or out of the ear.

For significant changes, the surgeon can use cartilage from the ribs, implants, or bones from other parts of the body. After these changes, the surgeon places skin and tissue at the base of the nose and stitches the incisions.

If the wall of the two sides between the nose (septum) is bent or curved (disturbed), the surgeon can also adjust it to improve breathing. After surgery, you will be in the recovery room, where staff will monitor you until you get recovered. After surgery, You can go or stay if you have any other problems.

How Rhinoplasty Can Help With Common Breathing Problems (Functional Rhinoplasty):

Apart from cosmetic nose surgery, functional nose surgery is another important genre of rhinoplasty. Some patients want to improve airway function without changing nasal contours, hence the term functional rhinoplasty. However, a deformed nose is often associated with relevant dysfunction.

Surgical Treatment of the Internal Nasal Passages:

In less complicated cases, functional nasal surgery involves surgical treatment of the internal nasal passages without changing the external appearance of the nose. Such operations include:

  • Nasal septoplasty
  • Turbinate  reduction
  • Removal of nasal polyps

Nasal Septoplasty: 

Nasal Septoplasty therapy by Dr.Sanjeev Sasmith. B, One of the best Rhinplasty surgeon in Hyderabad

This means blockage of one or two air passages. If the septum separating the right and left nasal passages is bent, bowed, twisted, or deviated, then this rhinoplasty is used to straighten a deviated septum. Septoplasty uses various surgical techniques to align the septal deviation and open the blocked airways. Septoplasty is simple and does not have complications. This surgery lasts for 15 to 30 minutes in competent hands, and recovery is generally quick and easy.

Turbinate Reduction: 

Turbinate Reduction surgery by Dr.Sanjeev Sasmith. B, One of the best Plastic Surgeon in Hyderabad

This surgery is used to reduce enlarged turbinates, also known as turbinate hypertrophy, which is another common cause of nasal congestion, especially in patients with long-lasting nasal allergies. The turbinate is covered with a mucous membrane covered with shelves of the bone that reaches the entire length of the inner nasal cavity.

The outer wall of each nasal passage consists of three turbinates: superior, middle, and inferior,  stacked one on top of the other, with the bottom shelf being the largest of the three.

Superior Turbinate: The superior turbinate is usually tiny and rarely contributes to respiratory disorders.

Middle Turbinate: However, in some patients, middle turbinates can gradually develop internal air pockets, which results in symptomatic airway obstruction a disorder known as concha bullosa.

Inferior Turbinate: Because of its size and natural ability to enlarge in response to various environmental stimuli, inferior turbinate hypertrophy is the most common cause of nasal airway obstruction.

Inflamed Inferior Turbinate therapy by Dr.Sanjeev Sasmith. B, One of the best Rhinplasty surgeon in Hyderabad

The primary function of turbinates is to moisturize, warm, and filter the air that is inhaled. If the turbinate grows and causes airway dysfunction, partial removal of the turbinate is done. This is also a simple surgical procedure that can significantly increase nasal airflow. Recovery is usually quick and painless, but the risk of bleeding rises for several weeks until all nasal membranes are entirely healed.

Removal of Nasal Polyps:

Removal of Nasal Polyps treatment by Dr.Sanjeev Sasmith. B, one of the best doctor for Rhinoplasty near me

Nasal Polyps are benign that grow like buds and sometimes irritate the nasal passages. In mild cases, the removal of nasal polyps are done, but the likelihood of recurrence is often high.

Surgical Treatment of the External Nasal Framework:

Surgical treatment for External Nasal Frame work by Dr Sanjeev Sasmith.B, One of the best Cosmetic surgeon in Hyderabad

While removing internal airway obstruction like nasal polyps, turbinates are often sufficient in some patients. But in some severe cases of nasal airway obstruction requires surgical treatment of the external nasal framework. A bent, crooked, curved, pinched nose, or sometimes a combination of both does not improve the internal respiratory tract airways. In this patient rhinoplasty techniques are needed to straighten, enlarge, and strengthen the blocked nasal passages. Which indeed provides unobstructed airflow between the nostrils and throat.

Nasal Valve Collapse:

Best treatment for Nasal Valve Collapse by Dr.Sanjeev Sasmith. B, One of the best Rhinoplasty surgeon in hyderabad

The collapse of the nasal valve is the common cause of blocked nasal passages from the external. Nasal valves are the narrowest segments of all nasal passages. It is coated with a membrane that shrinks and opens to regulate nasal airflow and optimizes filtering of inhaled air.  In the case of a typical nose, the nasal valve just below the alar crease will collapse with deep inhalation (movement) but remains open during normal nasal breathing.

However, with a thin nose or nose that is naturally altered by injury, disease, surgery or aging, the skeletal support of the nasal valve is inadequate, and the valve collapses.  However, Nasal valve collapse is an essential aspect of cosmetic nose surgery, which is often overlooked in the fast-growing market for cosmetic surgery.


While going through the blog, we know that rhinoplasty is not only a standard cosmetic procedure, but it is also used to treat breathing problems. Rhinoplasty surgery presents many challenges hence most plastic surgeons choose not to perform it. So, Choosing the best and right plastic surgeon is essential. Make sure that your rhinoplasty surgery corrects all breathing problems related to nose, and also leaves an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Remember that the best surgeon is one who can perform the surgery correctly which does not require revision rhinoplasty later on. Cosmosure Clinic provides you with the best experience and expert surgeon for rhinoplasty surgery and does not require any revision. If you’re thinking about having rhinoplasty surgery, Visit Cosmosure Clinic once!

If you are interested in rhinoplasty for functional or cosmetic reasons, get advice from a certified surgeon at Cosmosure Clinic who regularly performs nose surgery and can make individual plans that are tailored to your goals.

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