Know If Your Foot Lesions Are Corn Or Warts

August 17, 2018     

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Lesions on foot experienced by many could be quite confusing regarding understanding what they are. These lesions are a frequent victim of confusion from patients, who cannot figure out if they are warts or corns. Both of those problems could have similarity in their appearances but are generally different in their characteristics.

So in the case of someone experiencing painful lesions, it will generally be a wart than corn. These warts are known to cause by the Human Papillomavirus or HPV. These warts are usually benign in nature, but there have been rare cases where these have returned cancerous.

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Identifying warts

Like the common confusion that prevails, warts are always otherwise confused with calluses or corn. An area which is subject of constant irritation causes accumulation of dead skin layers. These warts, otherwise also known as plantar warts, tend to become hard and flat, holds a rough surface and have well-defined boundaries. They are usually brown or grey in colour and typically have a raised shape when they are to appear on the top of the foot or on the toes.

How does one get these warts?

Are you someone who walks barefoot, especially even in cases where the surface could be dirty? Then you might have a chance of contracting plantar warts. People who also always wear the same shoes or an unchanged pair of socks. This is also common in children, teenagers who might have a weak immune system, as well as those who have a history of having warts. The best way is to undo the above things and maintain hygiene on the feet. One should also avoid direct contact with warts. A visit to the physician is a must when you notice the warts are growing and changes in the skin area nearby the wart growth.

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Warts Treatments – 

Many people resort to self-removal for warts. This could possibly be because, first it could be considered a minor problem, then something significant. On the other hand, people have the general confusion in recognising warts, instead, think it is corn, and are more inclined to treat it all by themselves. Well, self-treatment is a big no for warts, because one generally resorts to over the counter medications, which could also destroy healthy cells surround in the wart. In many cases, these medications have been the cause of some form of bacterial infection.

Patients with diabetes or some other health conditions like poor circulation, will not benefit from self-treatment, mainly because these conditions could make healing much slower.

Take professional help

Warts could become the reason for your health care problems, and escalate into something of the unknown. Like mentioned earlier, self-treatment is not the option, but some professionals could. Doctors have various methods to treat warts, including performing a biopsy on the lesions or suggesting the use of some topical creams for its cure. Other options the doctor can recommend which could become a necessity is either by freezing the lesion or surgically removing it.

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Lesions on foot are usually warts if they match the appearance mentioned in previous paragraphs. First, they should not be confused with being corns and thus avoiding potentially wrong treatments (self) for an entirely different problem. Warts could possibly become, and there have been a few cases that prove this fact. Treat warts using the right professional help and ensure proper care for the same in the right way.

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