Laser Hair Reduction Or Electrolysis: Which One Is Better?

September 12, 2018     

Electrolysis vs. Laser Hair Removal Which Is Best For Hair Removal in hyderabad, top dermatologist near me

The rise of unwanted hair around various parts of the body has seen so many people opt for different treatments that remove or reduce them. Some have an appearance problem with the nose, while others feel uncomfortable with the excess amounts of hair growing in the different parts of their bodies. For long, people have opted for simple solutions such as tweezing, waxing or shaving, but with the introduction of treatments that removes hair permanently, there have been more and more people wanting such a solution.

Methods for permanent hair removal are many, while some are simple in their process while others look a little complex. Two of the most famous or opted for treatments for permanent hair removal are Laser hair removal and electrolysis, and clinically these are the best-approved treatments, even by the FDA.  While both these treatments have their own advantages and disadvantages, patients can have a dilemma before opting to go with one of them. In here, let’s look in detail at both of these treatments to understand, what might be a good option for you, regarding your need and what your doctor might suggest you because both these treatments are entirely different from each other.

Laser Hair Removal treatment in Hyderabad, cosmetic dermatology near me

Laser Hair Reduction

The name itself is enough to suggest the methods used in the laser hair removal method. The primary purpose of using lasers in this method is to destroy hair follicles, which sufficiently helps in reducing hair growth. This treatment tends to permanently diminish hair growth in whichever area it is targeted for. However, this method does not eliminate hair forever, and eventually, at some point, hair could grow back.

This procedure begins with the hair technician trimming the hair in the treatment area, especially those that are treated close to the skin. It continues with adjustment of the laser settings, which depends on the thickness and colour of the hair which is to be removed, as well as the skin colour of the patient. A particular kind of cold gel is then applied to protect the skin, or in some cases, the patient will be provided with some sort of topical anaesthetic to minimise the discomfort this treatment could cause.

After the conclusion of the procedure, ice packs are necessary to alleviate the discomfort caused by the treatment. For achieving the best results, patients usually need to undergo about 6-8 follow up treatments, the number depends on individuals. These follow up procedures are typically scheduled 4-6 weeks apart, and when the doctors feel that hair growth has been sufficiently restrained, doctors may then recommend yearly visits which could be once or twice for maintenance purposes.

what are the advantages of laser hair removal,best skin specialist near me

Some of the advantages of Laser Hair Removal

  • Precision in targeting coarse and dark hairs.
  • The laser treatment is speedy enough to treat several hair at once.
  • Laser treatment tends to make the new hair growth is thinner and much lighter in colour
  • After 3-8 sessions, patients usually see long-term benefits.

While the advantages are clear, here are some disadvantages to consider –

  • Laser hair removal may not suit all hair colours
  • If not adequately conducted, laser hair removal can have adverse skin reaction.

In the end, Laser treatments are considered a successful, long-term option for hair removal. However, a wrong technician or unruly adjustments of the laser machine could have disadvantages, some of which could be severe in the long run.


Electrolysis is a process of hair removal which involves passing of an electrical current through the hair follicle. This current tends to damage the follicles and hence prevents new hair growth. Comparing with Laser Hair Removal treatment, Electrolysis is necessarily the solution for permanent hair removal. The only essential point in this method is that there is a need for a licensed, board-certified dermatologist or electrologist to perform this procedure, which will ensure its optimum efficiency and safety.

Electrolysis Hair Removal Treatment in Hyderabad, dermatology clinic near me

The concerned dermatologists will first diagnose the problem thoroughly and understand any health or medical history of the patient. After this, the dermatologists or electrologist will place an ultra-thin needle into the targeted hair follicle and pass the electric current to kill the hair root.

Patients are required to have minimal after-care post this procedure. There have been cases when the patient feels skin irritations or experience redness at the affected area, but these are known to resolve on its own in a matter of hours.

This is not a single treatment, as dormant follicles, after the procedure tends to grow new hair. However, dermatologists advise follow up session to solve the issues with those dormant follicles and treat them appropriately. Overall, to accomplish the objective of this treatment, patients will need to have several follow-up sessions to completely eliminate hair from a particular area.

The Electrolysis method comes with its own advantages –

  • This is the only solution for permanent hair removal.
  • Sufficient for any kind of skin type, colour, hair type and skin colour, as well as being suitable for any part of the body.
  • This procedure hardly has any recovery time, meaning patients can resume their regular activity as soon as the process ends.
  • Electrolysis has very little after-care and thus is a maintenance free procedure, barring the follow-ups.
  • Unlike Laser Hair Removal, Electrolysis does not make use of any chemicals on the skin.

With advantages comes many disadvantages as well like follow-up sessions, and in rare cases, pain. This could possibly be the result of unsterilized needles. However, this could be eliminated if the procedure is done by a board approved, certified and licensed Dermatologists or Electrologist.


If patients are looking towards a solution that removes hair permanently from unwanted areas then of the two, Electrolysis is the right procedure. The problem, however, is the amount of time one has to dedicate in achieving the best results with electrolysis. Laser hair removal treatment, despite being profoundly affecting in getting rid of unwanted hair, although there is a higher chance of the same hair reappearing. Despite multiple follow-ups for the process, and long-term results being recorded, Laser Hair Removal treatment is not the comprehensive treatment to get rid of unwanted hair permanently.

Laser Hair treatment could relatively cost less in the long run compared to electrolysis. Laser Hair treatment also holds the advantage of having been approved by most insurance companies unlike Electrolysis for which in most cases patients have to pay through their own pocket.

Electrolysis from a perspective of a single sitting might cost very less to a laser hair removal procedure, but considering the multiple follow-up sessions, eventually, the overall cost could shoot up more than that of laser hair removal treatment.

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