Laser Hair Removal Or Waxing: Which One Is Better?

January 19, 2018     

Laser Hair Removal Or Waxing

How many times have you said to yourself, “Enough! I cannot do it anymore. Why do women have to go through all this trouble? I don’t care if this society goes nuts because I didn’t wax my arms.”

And on those less bad but tired days you might have thought, “I should just get a laser treatment and be done with this weekly hassle.”

Laser Treatment

Well, here today, make a genuine attempt to understand if laser hair removal is better than waxing.

  • Longevity: How often do you have to wax? Once in 2-3 weeks? Or you might, at best, stretch it up to one month. But when it comes to laser hair removal, the result can last up to a few years. Some people, however, like to take a touch ip every 6 months. If you are considering a laser treatment for hair removal, this is probably your biggest concern. Well, now you know the answer to this.A word of caution: Do not fall for the myth that laser hair removal is permanent. It is just more permanent than waxing.
  • Results: Waxing is an immediate solution – there is no denying that. Laser hair removal takes time; it takes a few sessions with your cosmetologist. But the end results look undeniably more smoother, cleaner and healthier than waxing. It is much healthier for your skin; unlike waxing, it does not lead to gradual sagging.

    laser hair removal work

  • Pain: While the pain in waxing is relative to the extent of growth of your hair and its texture, while is comes to laser, the pain is fairly equal for all. However, pain is a matter of perception; it varies from person to person. Most people can tolerate the hot, mile ‘snapping’ feeling during a laser hair removal, some people might require some simple painkiller to handle the discomfort.
  • Risk of Infection: Waxing involves various risks of skin health. Waxing might cause burn due to hot wax, micro tears in skin leading to secondary skin infection, and, of course, the good old, ingrown hairs. Laser hair removal, on the other hand, is very beneficial when we consider potential risk. Every procedure involves certain degree of risk – for laser, you have the risks of skin irritation, crusting, scabbing, blistering, scarring, changes in skin texture and colour. But all these require merely a formal mention if you can find the right clinic to go to and the right cosmetic surgeon to work on your case!
  • On the bridge period: You can go for a waxing as soon as you can feel new hair growing on your skin. To get the best results out of waxing you have to let your hair grow to a minimum of 1/8th of an inch. What if your office’s anniversary fashion show falls in that unholy time when the hair is too small to wax? Baby hair will keep sticking to your clothes, ruining the entire experience.Instead, if you choose laser hair removal procedure, you can go for a touch up as soon as you feel like. In fact, if you visit your cosmetologist, s/he can guide you if you can get a touch up even before you can see or feel any hair!Laser Hair Removal Treatment
  • Skin Type: You might have that friend who has sensitive skin and coarse body hair. Waxing is a nightmare to her. Again, with certain skin texture, you have the chance of developing goosebumps after waxing. All these can be addressed with laser hair removal. A laser is nothing but rays of light. The wavelength of light can be adjusted according to your skin and hair texture to give you the most optimal results. Those who say that laser hair removal is not for dark skin tone, they have been visiting the wrong clinic.
  • Cost: One very common concern among women when they are mind-mapping the pros and cons of laser hair removal and waxing is the cost. My suggestion is that you write it down in black and white and then the numbers will tell you everything. You need a waxing roughly 20 to 25 times a year; laser hair removal is done once (in a few close sittings). When you calculate the cost of both the approaches, you will see that though the cost for laser hair removal looks humongous initially, in the long run, it is nearly equal to what you would have spend for waxing.

The best way to make a choice is to be informed about your options and their scope. Talk to experts and other people who have already made a choice and make your own evaluations. Whatever you choose, make sure that you are confident about your choice!


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