Laser Hair Removal Treatment: An Overview

January 27, 2018     

Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Tired of visiting the beauty parlour?

Has shaving your legs left ugly razor burns?

Do you shudder thinking about the painful waxing process?

Then you are probably on the right page.

For ages, hair removal has been a necessary part of grooming, both for men and for women. The methods used over the years might have become refined, yet, have some side effect or the other.

Now, however, there is a revolution in the way unwanted hair is being removed.

Would you like your hair removal process to be painless?

How would it be if it were to be long lasting, saving you from multiple beauty parlour visits?

You think this is too good to be true?

Hold on. With laser hair removal treatment, it’s possible!

Understanding laser hair removal treatment

Understanding Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal, as the name suggests, uses laser technology to remove the hair from the roots of the hair cells. Essentially, the laser penetrates through the hair cells and burns the hair from the tip, as a result of which the hair is removed and the hair follicle (the area from which the hair grows) is blocked and no hair grows from the root. However, it is not just one laser hair removal session which would remove all the hair and the reduce the density of hair. It can be done for a couple of sessions to obtain desired results. The laser hair removal usually takes of couple of sessions, depending on the density of the hair growth.

Laser hair removal is mostly effective when it is in the growth stage. However, customers opting for laser need to give a gap of 15-30 days between one session and the other. Insufficient and improper spacing might damage the various layers of the skin and some of the damage done could be permanent in nature. Hence, it is always advised to visit a certified laser clinic, with a qualified doctor with experience.

Process of Laser Hair Removal:

  • The first part of the process is to remove the hair on the area where the one wishes to undergo a laser hair removal treatment.
  • The second part of the process is to apply an anesthetic cream on the area of the hair removal 40 minutes before the surgery. It is done in order to reduce pain during the laser treatment.
  • Both the patient and the doctor need to wear filter glasses, which are designed to obstruct the harmful light from entering the eyes.
  • The laser machine has a regulator which customises the flow of the laser radiation based on the requirement and the efficacy which a patient needs. Some feel the pain when the force of the laser is more, while some are not affected by high intensity laser radiation.

Post Laser Hair Removal

In general, most of the patients do not complain of any discomfort during or after a laser hair removal. But, the skin has mild to deep red patches on it, which are sore and it might sting for the first 24-72 hours. But, is gradually diminishes and the external layer of the skin where the laser hair removal was used gets evened. However, not all the hair is removed in the first session. It requires 6-8 sessions to observe visible difference in the reduction of hair growth.

Although, for some a couple of sessions with intermittent gaps can stop hair growth. But, in the case of some others a few touch up sessions might be required.

Laser hair removal is arguably the best way to get a permanent solution to hair removal. But, risking a quick fix by the wrong surgeon might have dire consequences, the burden of which might be far more serious and might turn up to be much more expensive than what is would have cost to get a good job done. Instead, it is worthwhile to spend that extra on a qualitative service.


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