Laser Tattoo Removal – An Overview

May 16, 2018     

Laser Tattoo Removal

‘Your body is your canvas and your tattoos are your story.

This was the pledge most people lived by when tattoos in India were gradually gaining in popularity. But that was the thing of the past. Now, every other person you come across has a tattoo in various places in the body.

Whether it is a quote, the name of a loved one, a star sign or even a symbol. People love tattoos. It is ‘cool and probably determining your existence at some point of time. It is true. There are groups of people made who have tattoos and only if you have a tattoo can you be accepted in that group.

But with time, the understanding of tattoos and its need has become more evolved. What once was defined as cool, still is but the meaning to those tattoos and the reason why you would get them has become more emotionally sophisticated rather than physically.

However, it doesnt end there. We as human beings evolve. What we might have once liked as a teenager or a young adult, we might not like it anymore. Our mindsets can be continuously changing, but that tattoo which you first got in the name of the girl you once loved, that is still there. It is a constant reminder for you of how due to whatever reason, it didn’t work out, right?

So what do you do about it? Do you spend thousands of rupees again to get a cover up? Or you want to make it disappear?

Laser Tattoo Removal

If spending thousands of rupees on a cover up, is not your thing, laser tattoo removal is the next best option. It is completely painless and also give your the results in time.

Painless Tattoo Removal

Most people opt for a tattoo removal due to bad quality of ink and the skin reactions which follow after.

But laser tattoo removal is one of the most common ways to get your tattoo removed.

Laser tattoo removal used a ‘q switched laser which do not cause excessive build of heat in the skin tissue which eventually reduces scarring. The process of laser tattoo removal requires multiple sittings but of less duration per sitting to attain the best results.

Black inked tattoos(India Ink) are the easiest to treat with laser tattoo removal whereas, ink of different colours requires more time and attention. In most cases, a tattoo is treated every six weeks, which is the normal protocol. Of course the type of treatment depends on the location, type, size and the colour of the tattoo along with its depth.

Laser Tattoo Removal

There are often some risks involved with laser tattoo removal such as scarring, skin colouration and incomplete removal is seen is a few cases, which is why, it’s essential that you visit a reputed cosmetic clinic to undergo this procedure.

It is essential to visit a reputed cosmetic surgeon or a cosmetic clinic who have the experience and the expertise to perform a laser tattoo removal so that the best results can be achieved minimising the risks completely. Visit us or book an appointment with us at Cosmosure so that our surgeons can help you remove your tattoo in the best way possible.

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