Laser Treatment for Psoriasis

February 8, 2018     

Laser Treatment for PsoriasisContact Dr Swapna Priya, Best Skin doctor in hyderabad for laser treatment for psoriasis

Living with a skin condition affects your life in so many ways. Naturally, you try to find a cure. But treating psoriasis is quite a challenge.

Let’s get to know about it in a little details and explore all your options.

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Treatment for Psoriasis:

There is no known totally effective treatment for psoriasis. But people try various home remedies. The results of those remedies are very much subjective for different people. Many people with minor psoriasis find some relief by using some topical medicines. Ointments, lotions and creams are available both as prescribed and OTC medicines. Steroids and Vitamin D3 are also used, but their effectiveness as treatment for psoriasis is still debated. People suffering from psoriasis are also at an increased risk of getting other diseases like psoriatic arthritis, heart diseases, Crohn’s disease and lymphomas. This is why, quality researches are going on continuously to find proper a treatment for psoriasis. One of the medically approved treatment for psoriasis is lasers. This has till now given good hope to psoriasis patients to manage their psoriasis symptoms.

Laser Treatment for Psoriasis:

In laser treatment for psoriasis, intense and focused doses of laser light is used directly on the affected area. The laser tools used for this treatment. This gives the surgeon the liberty to accurately target the psoriatic skin. A skilled surgeon will be able to reach the tricky ares in your skin of elbows, soles of your feet and scalp. The chance of harming the surrounding healthy skin is also minimal.

What happens at the clinic?

Best laser treatment for Psoriasis by Dr Swapna Priya, One of the best dermatologist near me hyderabad

When you go to your cosmetic surgeon, he or she will test your skin and check your medical health history. If you are fit for laser therapy, your treatment will start. Please note that only mild to moderate psoriasis can be addresses with laser therapy. When the laser hits your psoriatic spots, you will feel a warm sensation of a snapping feeling. It will only take a few minutes for each session. But how many session you will need and how far apart they will be place is a decision that your doctor has to make. Ideally, you will see results in 8-10 sessions.

However, immediately after the treatment, you might get a few blisters or redness. This is because of the laser light. There is nothing to worry about. Even if you see your skin darken a little or see some scars, they will dissolve in time.

Laser treatment is still a new way of treating psoriasis. Not everyone’s skin is the same. Laser treatment for psoriasis has proved to be highly effective for many patients. But at the same time, it produced minimal results for others. A lot of it depends on the expertise of the doctor and the right kind of medical tool as well. Do your research and talk to an experienced cosmetic surgeon to know if laser therapy can be a good treatment for psoriasis for your condition.

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