Liposuction and its Types

January 25, 2018     

 Types of Liposuction

Nobody likes to be called fat, even though everybody loves to eat the sinfully good fatty food. Even though there are several ways to burn this fat through exercise and all that jazz, yet, what happens is, over the time, this fat gets accumulated all over your body and begins showing up when you least expect it.

That’s when you intensify your workout regime: you exercise, run, jog and undergo various forms of training at the gym to get rid of the fat which is consumed. But at some point of time, all the exercises we do fall short as it does not bear the results you want to see. Frustrating right?

Liposuction Surgery

Well, now there is no need to worry and feel frustrated or underachieved.

What if there was a procedure where excess fat can be removed from the body surgically without exercise?

Yes you heard right. A method called Liposuction is breaking barriers with regard to removal of fat from target areas of the body having excess fat.

The process of Liposuction surgery involves the removal of fat from the body using suction. Small tubes are inserted into the body through tiny cuts made in the skin and the fat is suctioned out through these tubes called cannula.

There are three different types of liposuction surgery which are improved techniques inculcated by doctors through the years. The types of liposuction surgery are usually done depending on the patient and on the amount of fat which needs to removed.

The Types of Liposuction are:

Tumescent Liposuction: In this type of liposuction, local anesthesia is administered to numb the area of the body where the procedure is to be performed. Once the anesthesia is given, a large dosage of solution containing epinephrine and lidocaine is injected into the fatty tissue and then traditional liposuction is done.

Tumescent Liposuction

Ultrasound-Assisted Liposuction: As the name suggests, in this type of liposuction, a ultrasound is done to liquefy the fat which makes it easier to remove. This type of liposuction surgery is mainly done for removing fat from the neck, back and upper abdomen.

Laser-Assisted Liposuction: This type of liposuction inculcates the use of low energy waves to liquefy the fat and is removed through the small cannulas.

These different types of liposuction surgery, with the recent advent of technology and research as well, have proven to be an effective and efficient method by which fat can be removed from the body and also without any kind of side effects per se. It is, however, very important to consult an expert cosmetic surgeon or visit a reputed cosmetic clinic to make sure the expectations and results are as needed.


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