Melasma Needn’t Be A Part Of Your Face!

December 23, 2017     

Melasma Treatment in Hyderabad

What kind of skin would you like? Go on, think about it. When you look at the mirror, you want a person looking back at you sporting an even toned, flawless and young skin, isn’t it?

But then, not always does the person from the other side of the mirror look like that. Our skins can develop many issues such as acne, scars, pimples and even fine lines and wrinkles, because hey, we aren’t getting any younger, are we?

One major issue many of us have is patchy skin. Brown patches coming on from here and there, all over our faces is never a pleasant experience. If you want to know what’s the term that doctors use for the condition that refuses to get concealed despite the magic strokes of a makeup brush, then here it is.


That’s what you have. Enough to make you feel terrible among your friends who have clear and glowing skin. Here’s what you need to know about treatments for melasma.

Treating Melasma

Skin pigmentation problems occur in a variety of ways. The skin is the largest organ of the human body and also the most exposed, to environmental risks as well. So, the exact causes for skin disorders like melasma can be quite unpredictable. Although environmental causes are unavoidable, we still have the option to treat melasma both naturally, chemically and technologically.

Treating Melasma

The natural treatments for melasma

  • Turmeric: Turmeric, also known as the holy powder, has antiseptic and antioxidant properties which aid in treating melasma and other skin problems like acne. Curcumin is an active antioxidant present in turmeric, which has potential skin lightening properties and also reduces melanin pigmentation.
  • Onion juice: Onions contain some sulphur properties and sulphur compounds such as cepaenes and sulfoxides that help is depigmenting melasma on the face.
  • Lemon juice: Lemon juice is citric in nature that makes it a natural bleaching agent. It is considered and one of the best natural treatments for melasma as the bleaching properties lighten the pigmentation and peels off the damaged layer of the skin.
  • Aloe vera gel: Aloe vera gel has high level of hydrating content, and is used to treat various skin problems. It has potential antioxidant properties that protect the skin from melasma and other skin damage caused due to oxidative stress.
  • Cucumber: The amount of water content in cucumber helps in hydrating the skin cells, removing the dead skin cells and lightening the pigmented cells in the skin.

Modern medicine and melasma

Technically, melasma is not a life threatening problem, and can be treated without medication. But, sometimes the pigmentation might occur more than what can be naturally treated. This is when most of you get conscious about the condition. It might also affect the person’s self-esteem, confidence and happiness.

Here are some treatments that the modern medical system has come up with to get you back that blush!


Microdermabrasion is a technique in which fine crystals are vacuumed across the skin with a tiny vacuum-cleaner-like tip to provide abrasion.

Microderm treatment for melasma

This method is done by infusing therapeutic agents salicylic acid in combination with microdermabrasion. Depending on how much pigment you have and how sensitive your skin is, approximately five sittings of microdermabrasions are done, followed by a maintenance treatment.

Light glycolic peels

Light glycolic peels are usually done either in a salon or more expertly, by a dermatologist where the aesthetician is qualified and trained to use various strengths of glycolic acid. These peels take off a few layers of the dead skin and clean out the pores.

Laser treatment for melasma

The most important thing to know before you opt for a laser treatment if you have melasma hormone-related skin problems is, do not allow anyone but a qualified dermatologist to use lasers on your face. Skin lightening lasers are safe and treat the pigmented skin with accuracy. The light beams reach the pigment deposits in the skin layer and destroy them slowly with each sitting. The results are great, but you just need to be a little patient to have your skin blush pink again!

So, if the patches are bothering you, the choices are laid out in front of you, Pick a method, but remember, if you are opting for a cosmetic remedy, only opt for the best cosmeticians in town.


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