Psoriasis – Symptoms & Causes

June 10, 2020     

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Skin is the fastest-growing and largest organ in our body. In recent years, skin specialists have directed their attention to the treatment of multiple skin diseases. Skin conditions are among the most common medical issues recognized worldwide, that creates a lot of health problems and cosmetic problems. There are dozens of skin diseases that affect the skin severely, and Psoriasis is one of the severe skin diseases among them.

You might be aware of people with diabetes and hypertension who gets long term treatment, in the same way, psoriasis is a chronic skin condition in which you have to get treatment for the long term. Psoriasis is not a small rash that can be cured in a week. However, Dr Swapna Priya, skin specialist in Hyderabad can provide the best psoriasis treatment in Hyderabad. The psoriasis treatment offered at Cosmosure Skin Clinic provides longer-lasting relief from the discomforts of Psoriasis by the best psoriasis doctors in Hyderabad.

What Is Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is said to be a chronic autoimmune skin condition that results in red, plaques of thickened, itchy scaly patches anywhere on your skin. It is a noncontagious disease in which the skin cells multiply 10 times faster than normal. As a result of the excessive proliferation of skin cells, it develops into rough red patches covered with dry layers of silvery-white skin. Sometimes, these red patches may crack and bleed.

Psoriasis can grow anywhere on the body, and the most common spots to appear are on the scalp, elbows, knees, lower back and trunk. Psoriasis is most common in adults, but children can also suffer from psoriasis condition. Some rare types of psoriasis conditions affect the nails, mouth, and the skin around genitals.

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Psoriasis is a long term disease in which the patches heal but might come back later in future. It tends to be a come and process through cycles, flaring up for a few days or weeks or months. Later it subsidies for some days or months. However, treatment for Psoriasis is available to manage symptoms, and some lifestyle habits can help you to manage Psoriasis.

Psoriasis Symptoms

Of all the psoriasis types plaque psoriasis is the most common type to appear frequently. The signs and symptoms of Psoriasis differ from person to person, depending on the type of Psoriasis developed. In most people, Psoriasis can affect small areas such as a few flakes on your scalp or elbow. In case of severe conditions, it covers a larger part of the body.

The most common signs & symptoms of psoriasis condition include:

  • Red or pink small scaly bumps, inflamed patches on the skin
  • Whitish-silver plaques on the red patches
  • Itchy dry skin which might crack and bleed often
  • Soreness around patches
  • Burning sensations around patches
  • Thick pitted nails
  • Swollen and stiff joints often painful

Not every person has the same kind of symptoms because they may vary with the type of Psoriasis. Some people may experience completely different types of symptoms in case of a rare type of Psoriasis.

The condition may result in severe symptoms for some days or weeks and may resolve, almost unnoticeable because Psoriasis goes through “cycles” of symptoms. In some people with Psoriasis, the symptoms may disappear altogether.

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When you don’t have active signs of Psoriasis, it may be in “remission” state. It doesn’t mean that Psoriasis cured permanently, for now, you’re symptom-free.

Causes Of Psoriasis

The exact cause of psoriasis disease is not known, but experts say that it is a combination of some underlying conditions. It is thought to be caused due to immune system disorder that triggers the growth of new skin cells. In general, skin cells develop deep inside the skin and rise slowly to the surface for every 10 to 30 days, replacing the old ones. But with Psoriasis, the new cells grow aggressively for every 3 to 4 days. This rapid growth of cells results in scales and red patches.

The proliferation of new skin cells is influenced by the inflammatory chemicals generated by white blood cells called T-cells. Naturally, T-cells destroy the harmful invading bacteria and fight against infections. Due to immune disorders, these white blood cells mistakenly attack the skin cells triggering faster growth of the cells. Because of this rapid overproduction of skin cells, the old cells don’t have time to fall off and build up plaque cells. The cause of immune system malfunction is also entirely not clear.

Researchers assume that genetics and some environmental factors might play a role. If your immediate family member has Psoriasis, you are at a higher risk of developing this condition. However, approximately 2 to 3% of people with the gene may get hereditary, according to the National Psoriasis Foundation (NPF).

Psoriasis Triggers

Many people who are vulnerable to psoriasis conditions might be free from symptoms for years, but if some external environmental factor triggers, it occurs again.

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  • Smoking
  • Consumption of alcohol heavily
  • Extreme stress
  • Infections like strep throat or other skin infections
  • Cold and dry weather conditions
  • Skin injuries such as a cut or scrape
  • A bug bite or a severe sunburn
  • Usage of certain medications such as high blood pressure medications & antimalarial drugs
    Withdrawal of oral corticosteroids suddenly

The above factors are some of the common triggers of Psoriasis. It is better to stay away from these factors to avoid Psoriasis.


Studies say that millions of people around the world have Psoriasis. The spectrum of Psoriasis ranges from mild involvement in small areas of skin to large and red thick plaques of inflamed skin affecting the whole body surface in severe cases. It is good to consult a doctor if you notice the symptoms of Psoriasis or any other skin problem before it becomes severe.

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