Revision Rhinoplasty: An Overview

February 11, 2020     

best treatment for Revision Rhinoplasty by Dr Swapna Priya, One of the Best Skin Doctor in Hyderabad

Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgical procedure carried on the nose to enhance the look of it and that of the face. The emotional impact of a failed nose surgery can be devastating. Instead of achieving the ideal improvement of the nose, a patient is left with a rather disappointing expression on the face. The effects of such a failed procedure may include, but not limited to, anxiety, insecurity, and depression that can affect almost every aspect of daily life.

Off the various reasons behind a failed nose surgery, which include noncompliance on behalf of the patient, the most important one is that of the technical incompetence of the surgeon. In addition to cosmetic deformity of the nose, the nasal tissue is prone to surgical destabilization which often causes further deformation of the nasal skeleton, usually with a corresponding decrease in nasal function.
Unfortunately, not all ‘nose jobs’ (as is known in popular culture) result in the desired outcome. Patients may find persistent aesthetic problems such as humps or rounded edges; or new problems such as nostrils being too wide or the size of the nose not being proportional to facial features. Functional disorders such as nasal congestion may also occur after the first nose correction. Although most nasal surgical procedures provide excellent results, studies do show that 15 percent of the patients need correction after surgery.

A ‘nose job’ is often considered a difficult cosmetic surgery because of the complexity of the nasal anatomy, technical skills demanded by the procedure. And this is why it is very important to choose the right plastic surgeon.

Cosmosure Clinic is proud to offer its patients a vast experience and skills brought about by its surgeons in achieving desired results. Our surgeons are trained in performing aesthetic surgery and nose revision surgery. It is this talent we rely on to provide excellent results to patients while maintaining the natural function and beauty of the nose.

This article is intended to offer you general information about Revision Rhinoplasty.

What is Revision Rhinoplasty?

Best treatment for Revision Rhinoplasty in Hyderabad by Dr Swapna Priya, Best Skin Specialist in Hyderabad

Revision Rhinoplasty, in colloquial terms, is a ‘nose job’ which is done after a Rhinoplasty surgery. Patients do opt for Revision Nose Surgery if they are not happy with the results of the previous operation. Nasal revision work can also help correct breathing problems associated with the previous operation/s.

Revision does not often yield in getting the ‘perfect nose. A healthy tissue and healing response of the body play a crucial role here. However, this does not mean that nose surgery cannot achieve ‘good results.’

Candidates For A Revision Surgery:

Best rhinoplasty surgery in hyderabad by Dr Swapna Priya, Best Dermatologist in Hyderabad

Patients who underwent negative physical or emotional response after a primary nose surgery are considered good candidates for Revision Nose Surgery. Some of the reasons behind opting for a revision surgery are:

  • To get right balance of facial features
  • To make face more symmetrical
  • To make noticeable changes to your face silhouette
  • To help patients regain confidence in their facial appearance
  • To correct any nasal complications such as difficulty in breathing due to the primary nose surgery

Revision Rhinoplasty Surgery:

Revision Rhinoplasty surgery in Hyderabad by Dr Swapna Priya, Best Skin Doctor in Hyderabad
Before the planned surgery, a surgeon uses sophisticated computer-aided images to illustrate how a patient’s nose pattern can be improved with Revision Nose Surgery. This gives an idea to the patients as to what can be expected from the  surgery.

During the surgery, an incision is made and the skin is separated from the nasal bones and cartilage. Depending on the individual’s need, cartilage is moved to a new position or the structure is replaced by the patient’s own cartilage from other parts of the body. The skin is then applied back to the nose structure and the incision is closed . Nasal splints are placed to keep the bone and the cartilage from moving away from their new position throughout the healing period. The whole process takes anywhere between 30 minutes to several hours, depending on the target result.

There is often less pain and bruising with revised nasal surgery. Mild swelling or pain at the surgery site can usually be treated with pain relievers. Nasal splints are usually removed within a week. Most of the swelling or bruising resolves within 10 days.

The following is a general description of what one can expect during the Revision Rhinoplasty procedure:

  • The surgery takes 2-3 hours depending on the complexity and the target result. If the surgery is combined with other procedures, the operating time may vary.
  • You will be sedated so that you do not feel pain during the procedure
  • Swelling and bruising are common after the procedure
  • Recovery and possible downtime can vary between 10 and 14 days, although most patients tend to return to work in about one week
  • The scars are minimal and are located on the nose or under the tip of the nose.

Why is Revision Rhinoplasty more complicated than Rhinoplasty procedure?

Revision Rhinoplasty surgery by Cosmosure Clinic in Hyderabad, One of the best centre for skin disorders

In many cases, performing a revision procedure after one or more previous nose jobs requires a lot of artistry, skill, and accuracy. The surgeon must effectively control the structural correction from previous operations and the resulting scarring. Revision can be a simple procedure where surgery is performed to remove excess bone or cartilage, or it can be a complicated one involving restructuring the entire nose.

Why should you choose a Board-Certified Rhinoplasty Surgeons?

Best Nose Reshaping surgery in Hyderabad by Dr Swapna Priya, Best Dermatologist in Hyderabad

If you are choosing a plastic surgeon for a revision of nose job that ensures you with long-term peace of mind and good results, make sure your surgeon is qualified and certified according to the laid guidelines and has years of experience in performing Rhinoplasty. They must also have an ‘aesthetic and artistic eye’ to ensure your new nose is naturally balanced so that you like your new look.

What results can be achieved by Revision Rhinoplasty:

Best Result Oriented Rhinoplasty surgery by Cosmosure Clinic, One of the Best Skin Doctor In Hyderabad

Revision of a nose surgery can help yield:

  • Reshaping or resizing the distorted or damaged nose
  • Improve primary nose work by removing excess cartilage and bone
  • Revise the main nose job which does not compliment the face
  • Correction of issues brought about by the primary surgery, such as difficulty in  breathing

Depending on a patient’s needs and desired outcomes, doctors may also recommend other cosmetic operations along with Revision Nose Surgery such as chin implants to balance facial proportions.


Nose job is a cosmetic procedure intended to add to the aesthetic look of an individual. If the outcome of a nose job is not satisfactory, it could be frustrating and upsetting knowing that you are not close to attaining the ideal look you so desired. This is where a secondary or revised nose surgery might be helpful .

When considering Rhinoplasty, it is important to find a trusted and board-certified surgeon who has the required expertise in making your dream a reality. Majority of the patients who had rather disappointing results from primary nose surgery are satisfied with the final results of Revision Nose Surgery if they follow this simple recommendation.

If you want to know more about Revision Rhinoplasty, contact Cosmosure Clinic. You may contact us today at 8331040404. You can also consult with our doctors by taking an online appointment. You deserve to look beautiful and feel happy, so don’t hesitate to contact us today!