Scalp Reconstruction: Restoring scalp, restoring confidence

September 1, 2017     

Scalp Reconstruction
Confidence is what sets the achiever apart from the non-achiever. No matter how talented you are, what makes or breaks the deal is how confident you are at the end of the day. This much-talked about confidence might stem out of several things – from education, family background, and for many, from looks.

While you are in your growing years, the confidence from looks plays a critical role. So, imagine, what a young girl must have gone through, when she had to go to school and college with a potion of her scalp without any hair. If I were to use a word to describe her emotions, I’d settle for traumatic. When she came to me, she had close to 15/15 cm of scalp without hair. When she left, she had no traces of bald patches.

That’s what a scalp reconstruction procedure can help with. We get many patients who present with scalp defects. These might be congenital – absence of hair/scalp during birth, or acquired – because of burns, avulsion injuries, tumor invasions, oncological procedures and other surgeries. In both cases, there is considerable damage to the different layers of the scalp. Depending on the degree of damage and the layer of the scalp involved, we suggest what form of reconstruction would be required.

Scalp Layers

Coming back to the young patient I was talking about, owing to an infection on her scalp during her childhood, she had to be operated upon to remove the dead scalp skin. Her ordeal didn’t end there, though. This was followed by skin grafting, and unfortunately, the portion of the scalp that was operated upon never grew hair. She would have people jeering at her, making fun of her ‘bald’ spot, so much that her confidence levels began nosediving and she had no idea as to what was to be done.

That’s when I explained the concept of scalp reconstruction. The moment I looked at her, I knew what was to be done.  In the first stage of the surgery I placed two expanders underneath healthy scalp. Later they were expanded by filling normal saline in small quantity every other day, till we got good expansion of the scalp over the expander. This entire process took six weeks after which I planned the next surgery, during which I removed the expander and advanced the expanded scalp to cover the defect.

Scalp Reconstruction procedure

As you can see, through this procedure of scalp defect reconstruction, I was successfully not just able to restore her scalp and hair, I was also able to give the girl the confidence that she could not possess during the initial years of her life.

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