Sculpting Perfect Faces

December 19, 2017     

 Face Sculpting “Hey, did you see her face?” “Yes, I did. She has an amazing jawline. I wish mine was like hers”.

These sort of comparisons are one of the most commonly seen or heard.

Every man or woman has that one part of their body they were not and are not happy about and in most cases, nothing that you do or say can change their mind about not feeling insecure about it.  The face of other people is what you generally see on an everyday basis and they see yours too. It is the medium of communication and the portrayal of character for the person.

Facial features are also noticed carefully and then adequately judged by people all around you.  A double chin, a depressed jaw line, sunken cheeks – all of these contribute to the contouring of the face.   Face Sculpting Surgery Hence, to avoid the casual crude judgements or observations by other people, most of you, to boost your self confidence and esteem, resort to anything and everything to look perfect.  The aesthetic nature of the face is something you all rely on at the end of the day. The perfect balance of your facial features is something you want.  To get one step closer to achieve that perfect balance is a one of a kind procedure.

Face Sculpting Surgery.

What is Face Sculpting Surgery?

Face sculpting surgery is a collective term given to different procedures which eventually result in the process of face contouring.  Face Contouring A very important factor which plays a role and which results in the need of face contouring surgery is age. Sunken under eyes, double or saggy chins, pressed cheek bones are caused by shrinking fat deposits due to age.  Now, you need to understand that even though a certain amount of fat is good and even necessary, yet, with age and due to several other factors, fat is often deposited and visible in undesirable places in the body but in many cases, fat contributes to the projection of youth in a person. That is another reason why face sculpting could be a good option

Skin Grafting is a method under Face Sculpting Surgery which results in the treatment of face contouring. This process involves the transfer of fat from one part of the body to the part of the body which has shrunken face deposits.  According to the expectations of the patient, there are mainly two procedures done under face contouring surgeries:

  • Cheek Fat Removal: In this type of face sculpting or face contouring surgery, fat under the cheeks can be removed after an incision is made from inside the mouth. This does not cause any kind of external scars.
  • Liposuction: This type of face sculpting surgery, fat deposits at the jawline or even below the chin can be surgically removed by liposculpting. Injection Lipolysis is also an alternate method to remove fat from the jawline and the area of the chin.

Non Surgical Facial sculpting Surgery If surgery is not your cup of tea, then there are also different types of procedures for facial sculpting which are non-invasive and no kind of surgery is done for the patient.  These types of facial contouring surgeries are highly effective and also preferred by most patients. There are minimal side effects adding to the advantage of cost effectiveness of this method.  According to surgeons, this type of face contouring surgery is also the best way to achieve the best results.  In the end, both the types of face contouring surgery or face sculpting surgery has their advantages and it depends on the surgeon to decide which surgery is the best for the patient taking into consideration, the expectation of the patient as well as the type of skin and amount of fat in those areas as well.

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