Sebaceous Cysts: Symptoms, Causes And Treatments

June 29, 2018     

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Uneven skin can be very bothersome, specially when something protrudes out of it from random places. It can be a cause of irritation and embarrassment. These lumps could be anything serious to something you need not worry about. What we are looking at are ‘sebaceous cysts’, that are not malignant but can cause a lot of trouble if not taken care of. Continue reading if you think you are suffering from these cysts.

What are Sebaceous Cysts?  

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Sebaceous cysts are small lumps or bumps under the skin that protrude out mostly from the face, neck or torso- but are also not limited to just those body parts. They can protrude out of other body parts as well. These cysts are not cancerous and usually grow very slowly without causing any pain. However, they can inflame and grow infectious causing the overlying skin to turn red, tender, and sore. They can develop ill odoured pus lumps that drain on maturing and can look bad cosmetically, especially if one develops on your face.

What Causes Sebaceous Cysts?

Best treatemnt for Sebaceous cyst removal in hyderabad, skin care specialist near me Sebaceous cysts develop from hair follicles that are swollen, the cysts originate from the sebaceous glands that secrete sebum(oils) that help lubricate the skin and the hair. These cysts can be hereditary, and can develop into steatocystoma multiplex, a rare inherited disorder in which multiple sebaceous cysts form. These cysts may remain small, disappear by themselves or keep growing over the years.

How can these cysts be treated or removed? 

  • If the cyst is not growing, hurting or cosmetically bad in condition, you might not need treatment at all. There is nothing to worry.
  • If it continues to grow, swell and become tender, home remedies can help, like, warm moist compress over the cyst to reduce the pain.
  • A plastic surgeon may drain the cyst when infected or remove the cyst completely when it is not infected.
  • For a tender, large sebaceous cyst, a cyst removal surgery is recommended.

What could be the possible complications?

  • Don’t pop or squeeze it like a pimple. It is not a pimple. It might grow worse. If the cyst is ruptured, it can develop a boil-like infection, causing a lot of pain and discomfort.
  • Recurence are seen when surgery has to be done in acute infection state.

However, in most cases, there are no complications or side effects after treatment to drain or remove the cysts surgically, given that the treatment is done under trusted reputed doctors. We at Cosmosure are sensitive towards your health condition and provide the best treatment for you so that you lead a life without barriers of pain and embarrassment.

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