Should you get a neck lift done?

December 4, 2017     

Neck Lift Surgery

What is one piece of jewellery that’s very popular? Neckpieces. One would wonder why necks are adorned so much, but there’s valid reason behind it. Our necks define our body frame. Anybody with a long neck automatically looks taller and slimmer, while anybody with a shorter neck looks stout and plump.

It’s no surprise then that beauty is associated with long necks. And neck is also one of those body parts that’s considered to be the most attractive. When age crawls in, the skin sags along and neck is the first place where it appears. All the worry begins right when there’s a loss of youthful contours of the the neck.

Well, if you’re for an alternative  to get that loose skin on your neck tightened, we’ve got something for you to know.

You can consider getting a neck lift done. But, check the following points first.

If you have a long neck with skin that feels dangly and makes you look much older than you are. Yes, you must go for it!

If you feel that you have too much of neck fat, of course, it’s a choice to be made.

If you’ve lost the distinct jawline of your youth, and want to have it back. Yes again!

Neck Lift Surgery in Hyderabad

Here’s what it is?

Neck Lift

A neck lift is a set of procedures that help restore the appearance of your neck. The procedures can be surgical or non-surgical based on your requirement. The procedures include the following:

  • Excess skin removal.
  • Altering the neck muscles.
  • Surgical or laser liposuction for removal of excess fat.
  • Botox injections are nonsurgical treatments that help in tightening the neck muscles and provide fullness and reduce neck bands.
  • Kybella injections are an alternative non-surgical treatment to remove excess fat under the chin.

So, if you feel that age is catching up with you and that your neck has begin to shows signs of losing its youth, consider getting a neck lift done. At CosmoSure, we ensure that you regain your youth and when you look at yourself in the mirror, you see exactly what you had always wanted to see.

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