Skin Whitening Creams – Do They Work?

October 29, 2019     

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Skin whitening is a unique treatment that gives you a brighter skin tone than the one you were born with. A lot of skin whitening treatments are available which include creams, gels, oils, surgical treatments etc. All of these ways are intended to lighten your skin colour. Skin whitening cream is one of the most popular techniques among all used to get the desired skin colour.
Yes, skin whitening creams help you to gain a fair looking and glowing skin.

What Determines Your Skin Color?

A pigment called Melanin mainly characterizes skin colour. It is produced by our skin cells which are known as melanocytes through a process called melanogenesis. The quantity of Melanin in the body defines the colour of your skin, i.e., if the melanin production is very less, it means a perfect white skin. The quantity of Melanin in your skin is mainly affected due to exposing your skin to sunlight or by some chemical effects or by genetics.

What Actually These Skin Whitening Creams Contain?

Skin whitening creams mostly contains Hydroquinone, Glutathione. Some other creams use drugs like retinoic acid, Alpha-hydroxyl Acids, which comes from vitamin A as active ingredients that are commonly used in skin whitening creams. In these ingredients, few are synthetic, and others are natural ingredients like Kojic acid that comes from a fungus and Arbutin vitamin C, which is found in various plants. Most of these ingredients are antioxidant agents which can regulate the formation of melanin content in your skin.

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How Do Skin Whitening Creams Work?

Skin whitening creams help to enhance your skin colour by regulating melanin pigment, which is responsible for the colour of your skin. They can also help in treating some skin problems like freckles, age spots, pigmentation, tanning, discoloration, etc. The whitening cream helps you to get a fair to pink complexion along with soft and shiny skin. In addition to this, these creams also come with an active skin whitening agent which has some proven results that it reduces dark spots and provide flawless skin.

Skin Whitening Creams helps you to gain desired skin tone mostly by controlling the melanin production to the surface of your skin and provides a clear and translucent skin complexion.

Skin Whitening Creams can keep your skin fresh, even 24 hours. Most of the creams are safe enough without any side effects. However, there are some creams which show some adverse side effects. So before you chose a skin whitening cream, consult a skin care specialist for better suggestion.

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Natural ingredients of fruit vitamins, which are revitalizing moisturizers give you a healthy, vibrant, amazingly glowing skin. These days Skin Whitening Cream constitutes the integrity of triple vitamin techniques for gaining brighter and fairer skin. They also provide strong protection from sunlight. It looks like a gel with a non-greasy formula. Therefore, it maintains moisture on your face and gives long-lasting fairness. The components used in skin whitening creams give you a fresh feel and radiant skin the whole day.

Benefits of Skin Whitening Creams

Skin Whitening Cream has a hamper of benefits. They are enriched with natural ingredients and other vitamins which help to make your skin soft and smooth. You can see a noticeable change in your skin in just a few weeks. It might also protect your skin from toxic chemicals that negatively impact your skin. Both male and female can use these skin products. Here are some magical benefits of skin creams such as:

  • It eliminates dryness,post acne marks, etc.
  • Provides even skin tone
  • Protects your skin from dullness caused due to dust and pollution
  • Its non-sticky formula absorbed quickly by your skin and show quick results
  • It nourishes your skin very well despite its light texture
  • Best for any skin type but various products are available for different skin types

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Special Precautions To Be Taken When Using a Skin Whitening Cream

  • Talk to a doctor if you decided to use a skin whitening cream. Ask him about the best products which suits you and its specific instructions.
  • Make sure the product is mercury-free. Some skin products use mercury products for best outcomes, but they might result in severe side effects.
  • Make sure an OTC skin cream with hydroquinone should not be used at all without the doctors advise as one might land up in serious complications.
  • Some products which has hydroquinone and steroids in its content are not recommended to use. Be careful while using such creams because preferably they are not safe to use.

Still, you might have a lot of questions flying around about the product for your skin type. Talk with our Skin Care Specialists at Cosmosure Clinic to be sure it’s safe. Our dermatologist might also suggest some other popular treatment options, such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, laser treatments etc. which can provide effective and glowing skin.