What Do You Think Is The Ideal Breast Size

March 10, 2018     

How Perfect are your breasts

For women, the size of their breasts is of huge significance. Breasts are a part of their womanhood; breasts are an expression of their sexuality; breasts are a part of their motherhood. Naturally, women have always felt conscious about the size and shape of their breasts – always wondering it they are too small or too big or too saggy or not round enough or not symmetrical.

This turmoil is over now. The globe and the internet is spammed with information on the ‘ideal breast size’ which ironically, are all very different. What you need to understand is that the concept of an ‘ideal breast size’ varies from culture to culture; sometimes, this is also based on ethnic phenotype. Hence, it’s more of a comparative statistics than a scientific standard.

Ideal Breast Size

Amongst all the cultures one thing is common – measuring the breast size in proportion to the size of the woman’s waist and hips. While you might readily disgust the notion thinking it to be misogynistic and a symbol of male sexual dominance, but if you look into the history (or it could very well be a folklore also), it will tell you a different story. You see, hips or the pelvic area and the breasts aka the mammary glands are both related to motherhood. Owing to the lack of scientific knowledge in the pre-modern days, a pair of bigger breasts which were equal in proportion to a woman’s hips were considered more fertile and fit for childbearing and nursing, making this ratio to be the ideal breast size. In fact, some societies still culture this superstition. Scientific or not, favouring this ratio has remained trendy till date. This is where the famous 36-24-36 or the hour glass shape to measure the ideal breast size comes in.

Undoubtedly, breasts are a major part of a woman’s sexuality. And like it or not, whether men have a say in it or not, they do hold an opinion regarding a woman’s ideal breast size. The entertainment industry also plays a huge role in framing men’s preference regarding women’s breast size. This is probably where “the bigger, the better” notion is born. Curiously, women also show an inclination towards the breast size which their respective partners prefer.

Normal Breast Size

The ideal breast size is also figment of a woman’s perception. Despite having the normal breast size of the society or even the preferred breast size, many women do not give them the qualifying mark. Many women perceive their breast size as smaller than desired. On the other hand, another group of women has a whole different problem – big breasts! Oversized breasts can be very inconvenient to bear around. Finding proper outfits become difficult and they also run the risk of sagging quickly. But again what qualifies as oversized breasts is also a matter of a woman’s judgement.

Lifestyle choices can change the chart of ‘ideal breast size’ altogether. If you are into sports, chances are you will prefer a small or average breast size. If you are a bodybuilder, then that’s a different picture altogether. Professions like acting, modelling often demands a definite breast size. Your profession and your way of life also is contributes to your ideal breast size.

Perfect Breast Size

Having said all that, according to a map by Target Map, the normal breast size in India is a B-cup – just so you know; not that you should become self-obsessed or self-critical or start judging other women based on this particular information.

Whether or not you adhere to the ideal breast size, you have the liberty to have your own preferences. You could be satisfied with whatever breast size you have or you might want a few changes. Many people chose to stay put with what they got but if you want to tweak things a little, – resize or reshape – you could opt for a cosmetic breast correction. Advanced medical technologies allow you to enhance or reduce the size of the breast without affecting its functionality.

Find the best plastic surgeon and book and appointment – s/he can help you get THE perfect breast size or YOUR perfect breast size – whichever you prefer.


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