What You Need To Know About Rhinoplasty Surgery

January 28, 2020     

Best Rhinoplasty surgery by Dr Swapna Priya, One of the Top Dermatologist in Hyderabad

Are you not satisfied with your nose? Do you have difficulty in breathing?
Then rhinoplasty or nose surgery may be an option for you.

Rhinoplasty can cause many changes in nose, including the size of your nose, a width of your nose on the bridge, the size and position of your nostrils, and your nose profile (by minimizing bulges, bumps on your bridges can reduce. Go to the plastic surgeons who specialize in ethnic nose jobs, the right choice for people who are looking for subtle changes in their nose.

Nose surgery is one of the many plastic surgery options that can entirely refresh your face and affect your overall beauty. Your nose is the focus of your face; this helps to determine the centre line and makes good symmetry. Some people are born with perfect noses; others live with imperfect noses. Others are looking for ways to improve their appearance and confidence and turn to surgery to shape their faces the way they want.

The nose correction process involves several steps. First of all, you have to determine what you want to change on your nose. Second, you should know about the types of nose work, what is done, and what to expect during the process. Finally, you should seek advice from a qualified plastic surgeon. Here’s the article to give information about what you need to know about nose surgery now provided by Cosmosure Clinic.

What is Rhinoplasty?

Best treatment for Nose Reshaping by Dr Swapna Priya, One of the best skin doctor in Hyderabad

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure performed to change the nose or to help with breathing problems, usually performed by plastic surgeons who have specially trained for nose and face surgery.

Some people may not feel confident about the appearance of their nose, or some feel it affects their confidence, and want to undergo surgery to change their appearance, shape, or size. Cosmetic nose surgery used to:

  • Change the width or way of the nostrils
  • Reshape the tip of the nose
  • Straighten or narrow the base of the nose
  • Correct asymmetry at the bottom of the nose
  • The nose and upper lip angle can be changed

There are several medical reasons why someone wants to do a nose job. It includes difficulty breathing through the nose, which can be caused by chronic sinus problems or by septal deflection. In this case, surgery performed to correct the abnormality, e.g. straighten the nasal septum (septum between two nostrils) to improve symptoms.

Right Candidate For Rhinoplasty?

Best treatment for Nose reconstruction by Dr Swapna Priya, One of the Top Dermatologist in Hyderabad

Nasal surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures in India. If you feel self-conscious about your nose, then you can be the right candidate. Rhinoplasty used to reshape the nose for aesthetic and corrective purposes. Whether the problem is congenital disabilities, injuries, or age-related changes, nose surgery can help you maintain a balance between your nose and face.

Indications of Rhinoplasty:

All types of Rhinoplasty surgeries by Dr.Sanjeev Sasmith. B, One of the best Cosmetic and plastic surgeon in Hyderabad

Rhinoplasty performed for various reasons:

  • Congenital abnormalities such as secondary deformation of the lip nose.
  • Traumatic disorders of the standard structure of the nose so that the nose is not symmetrical.
  • Cosmetic causes such as length correction or reduction in nose height etc.
  • Correction of structural and functional deformation (deviated nasal septum with back curved or not centred or damaged)
  • Nose tip; hanging, boxy, or bifid.
  • Nostrils are too flared or pinched.

Types of Rhinoplasty:

Different types of Nose job surgeries by Dr.Sanjeev Sasmith. B, One of the bes skin doctor in Hyderabad

According to the procedure:

  • Functional Rhinoplasty: With this type of nose surgery, the patient faces several dysfunctions of the nose, not the appearance of the nose.
  • Cosmetic Rhinoplasty: Cosmetic nose surgery is one of the many types of general surgery chosen by humans. The reason is that only that can change the appearance of an individual.

There are various types of nose work, including two kinds of primary nose work (“open” and “closed”), secondary nose work, and filler nose surgery.

  • Open Rhinoplasty: With significant changes to the nose, an incision is made on a vertical skin strip that separates the nostrils. It is called the columella. The skin and soft tissue are then removed from the main structure of the nose so the surgeon can see the anatomy of the nose.
  • Closed Rhinoplasty: With small changes, many surgeons make cuts on the nose. The nasal skin is then separated from the bone and cartilage, which forms the supporting skeleton. Once exposed, bone and cartilage can be removed, modified, augmented, or rearranged to give the desired new shape.
  • Secondary Rhinoplasty: This is also known as revision rhinoplasty and is used to correct problems that persist or occur after previous nose surgery. Although the problem is small and easy to fix, it is often large and complicates secondary nose surgery. Revision of nose surgery can be done openly or closed.

Filler Rhinoplasty: This includes using injectable fillers to fill depressions, smoothing sharp corners or changing the angle of the nose tip, restoring symmetry, and making the nose tightening, smaller and more attractive. Instead of removing the bump, the surgeon uses an injection filler to smooth it. The results are not permanent. Cosmosure Clinic plastic surgeons can use soft tissue syringes such as Juvederm, Restylane or Radiesse to even out irregularities in the nose.


Evaluating Nose By Surgeon:

Best Rhinoplasty surgery by Dr.Sanjeev Sasmith. B, One of the best skin specialist near me

The surgeon’s assessment is the first step in your decision to undergo nose surgery. During this appointment, your surgeon will likely photograph your nose from a different angle. They will also talk to you about your expectations to make sure they are realistic.

This can be a good idea to bring photographs of your nose to encourage dialogue about expectations and to give surgeons a better idea of ​​what to expect from your nose job. Also, the surgeon may show pictures of other rhinoplasty patients with a similar nose shape to help you understand possible outcomes.

How to Prepare for Rhinoplasty:

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  • Your surgeon will likely give you a list of instructions before performing nose surgery. As a rule, the patient must stop eating and drinking after midnight the night before surgery.
  • If you smoke, you should avoid before the rhinoplasty. The surgeon may provide some guidelines to help you get out. Besides all the other adverse health effects of smoking, blood flow to the skin is also greatly affected. It means that there is little oxygen to support wound healing and skin necrosis (death) can occur. Alcohol consumption in the week before nose surgery is also not recommended, because alcohol can also interfere with the healing process.
  • The surgeon might also consider stopping certain medications within days or weeks that lead to nose surgery. For example, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen can increase the risk of bleeding. Some vitamins and herbal medicines such as vitamin E, ginkgo Biloba, omega-3 fatty acids and green tea can increase the risk of bleeding.
  • Let the surgeon know everything you take. Don’t stop taking medications without consulting a doctor.
  • Some surgeons may prescribe steroids before nose surgery to reduce initial swelling.

Procedure Of Rhinoplasty:
Best Nose Reshaping surgery by Dr.Sanjeev Sasmith. B, One of the best skin care hospital in Hyderabad

Most nose surgeries performed on an outpatient basis in a hospital. The duration of the process depends on the type of nose job performed. For example, primary nose surgery usually requires one to three hours of operation, whereas revision of nose surgery can take longer. And filler nose surgery can only take 15 minutes.

  • Anaesthesia: The surgeon may recommend local anaesthesia with sedation or general anaesthesia for your main nose job. Secondary rhinoplasty can involve general anaesthesia due to the complexity of the procedure. Only local anaesthesia is needed to correct the nose with a filler.
  • The Incision: Nasal surgery is done either by a closed procedure (hidden incision in the nose) or by an open procedure (with an incision across the entire columella). The surgeon then removes the soft tissue that covers the nose through this incision. In this way, you can have to change the structure of the nose.
  • The reshaping: The surgeon can augment or enlarge the structure of the nose with cartilage grafts from other areas of the body. These pieces of cartilage can originate from the septum or sometimes from ear cartilage or ribs. If the septum has deflected, this must be corrected. Also, all the bulges in the nose get reduced to improve breathing.

Closing the incision: After the rhinoplasty, the skin and nasal tissue reshaped, and the incision closed by bandages. Casting or rods can also be used.

Recovery After Rhinoplasty:

Recovery suggestions After Rhinoplasty by Dr.Sanjeev Sasmith. B, One of the best skin specialist in Hyderabad

  • You may be excited if you are not afraid to see your new nose, but patience is the key after nose surgery. Full results are not immediately available and can take up to a year to become fully visible.
  • You may not be able to breathe through the nose for the first 24 hours because your nose is swollen or blocked. There may be symptoms that can usually get treated with pain relief. Most people who undergo nasal surgery can stop the painkiller after 48 hours. Some people may have stomach problems after surgery. Nausea medication can help.
  • You may experience limited bleeding in the first few days after recovering your nose. Your surgeon may also recommend compressing your nose to reduce swelling and lift your head for the early 24 hours. It is essential to avoid nose injuries in the first week after surgery. Do not blow the nose after nose surgery. It can be difficult because you might feel stuffy. Decongestants may help.
  • The doctor removes the cast used on the 7th day. Your nose will still swell, but most of the swelling will subside in two weeks. At this point, all postoperative nasal splints, and other pads get removed. A bar can be placed outside the nose to protect your nose and maintain its new shape during the healing process. The surgeon can also install a softer splint on the nose to avoid scars.
  • Up to a month after surgery, about 85 per cent of the swelling will be reduced. It can take up to one year for the swelling to disappear. For this reason, you must wait at least one year before undergoing revision nose surgery.

Results After Rhinoplasty:
Before surgery, the plastic surgeon will scrutinize the nose and discuss your aesthetic goals with you. They will recognize the difficulty of nose surgery and can talk to you about the type of expected results. Some surgeons also use computer images to modify their nose images before surgery to get a rough idea of ​​the result you see after nose surgery.

It is important to remember that the surgeon must balance your aesthetic goals with maintaining a safe airway that will not cause breathing difficulties after surgery.
For a Better Result, Consult a Qualified Plastic Surgeon:

Before deciding to do nose surgery, you should discuss treatment options with a surgeon who has a board-certified plastic surgeon. Plastic surgeons are trained as general surgeons, followed by plastic surgery, and must get certified by the Indian Board of Plastic Surgery. Board certification ensures that your surgeon has received extensive and up-to-date training in new technology and techniques.


Rhinoplasty is the most common form of plastic surgery that is loved by many today. It can change the appearance of the nose and improve breathing problems. Like other operations, there are always risks. Nasal surgery includes more are associated risks such as bleeding, infection, numbness, hematoma. Patients should consult with an excellent surgeon to avoid all these risks.

If you are interested in rhinoplasty for functional and cosmetic reasons, contact the surgeon at Cosmosure Clinic who has specialist training who regularly performs nose surgery. The surgeon can make an individual plan tailored to your goals. Contact cosmosure at 8331040404 or book your appointment at

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