All You Need To Know About Tracheal Shave: An Overview

October 31, 2017     

Tracheal Shave An Overview

A Tracheal Shave is a common term used for the surgical procedure of Chondrolaryngoplasty. The surgical procedure involves the reduction of the Adam’s apple in men so as to appear more feminine in nature. This procedure is very common in people looking for a male to female transition and most transgender go through this procedure.

The Adam’s apple is one of the most prominent masculine secondary sex traits. Even though the structure is Testosterone induced, the prominence of it depends on the vocal chords of the person.  It is not variable in males or men transitioning into the female gender. The more common and natural way which many men resort to is to reducing the prominence of the Adam’s Apple by speaking in high resonance.

The surgery mainly aims in reducing the cartilage in the throat to make the shape more feminine. A Tracheal Shave can be also known as:

Adam’s apple reduction

Thyroid Cartilage Reduction (TCR)

The process of the surgery is highly delicate as this surgery is performed by using a general anaesthesia as the part of a Gender Reassignment Surgery or as an outpatient procedure. This is one of the biggest reasons why one should always conduct a thorough research on the surgeons before zeroing in on the one who will perform the surgery.

Thyroid Cartilage Reduction

On the throat there are several horizontal ridges of the cartilage on the trachea. A V-shaped protrusion appears on the prominent part of the neck. The surgery involves the surgeon shaving off the most prominent part of the protrusion and on top of the V shape. It is not an extensive procedure but highly delicate in nature.


There are quite a few risks in this surgical procedure during surgery and post surgery as well. While surgeries there are cases reported of poor cosmetic outcomes which include too much revision or uneven revision. Post surgery, there have been cases reported where the scarring of the patient is too much along with change in vocal quality and voice pitch. Weakness, hoarseness, lowering of pitch is also in the list of risks involved with the procedure. It ultimately depends on the quantity of cartilage removed, the more cartilage removed, the more the damage. More serious complications include hematoma, permanent loss of voice and often, death.

Post Surgery Measures:

Post the surgery, the patients are often advised to rest their voice until further notified by the surgeon. There are voice exercises which are advised by the doctors to get back the voice pitch as due to the surgery, often voice pitch gets minimal. The scar which is a result of the surgery on the neck will fade away as time passes.

Eventually, a lot depends on the surgeon. Therefore, if you want to go for the surgery, or know someone who wants to get it done, always rely on experienced surgeons who have the reputation to ensure best results.


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