Be Ready For Your New Forehead!

November 16, 2017     

Forehead Reduction

“Every deed in this world requires adequate preparation without which the mere success of the deed would never be seen”.

Most people all over the world are not happy with how they look. Even if someone repeatedly lets them know that they are absolutely fine and there is nothing wrong with them, it is the human mind which  would eventually notice something which according to them does not look good.

Everyone pays keen attention to everyone else’s body features. The face is something which is noticed primarily when we notice anyone for that matter.

A lot of people have high hairlines. This results in large foreheads and this may be caused by genetics, hair loss or also may be a result of earlier surgical procedures.

Bigger foreheads are not very easy to hide. Most people try out different hairstyles to cover up their foreheads but eventually leads to insecurity, lack of confidence and low self esteem as all of that is temporary.

All the trouble which people go through to hide their foreheads can be halted permanently. The Forehead reduction surgery is a cosmetic procedure which surgically reduces the size of the forehead by removing a portion of the forehead skin and by creating a lower hairline. This eventually makes the forehead of adequate size.

Preparing for the Surgery:

Preparing for the Surgery:

Like any other surgery, preparation plays a very important and essential role before a surgery is done.

Steps of preparation is given by the doctor almost a month in advance before the date of surgery to the patient so that the body is given time to adjust to the changes before the surgery takes place.

It is of utmost importance that the given steps of preparation are done by the patient so that there are no complications post the surgery.

The steps for preparation are:

  • The first and most important step for preparation is to reveal each and every detail of medical history of the patient to the doctor. There are some instances or conditions which if a patient suffers from, should be known by the doctor before the surgery happens.
  • If the patient has gone through any other kind of cosmetic surgery, the doctor or the surgeon should know about it. If a patient has gone through some cosmetic surgeries such as a coronal brow lift, a forehead reduction surgery cannot be performed.
  • The surgeon should be well aware of the tablets and medications the patient is on. There are some medications such as aspirin and all anti-inflammatory drugs which need to be stopped completely almost a month before the surgery so as to reduce complications.
  • The patient must cut down on alcohol and other salty foods a few weeks before the surgery to ensure that there is no fluid retention in the body and swelling can be minimised.
  • If the patient has a smoking habit, that must be stopped one month before the surgery as smoking can impact the healing process of the body post the surgery and may also cause death of tissues.
  • A particular diet of healthy food complimented by lots of water, exercise and along with rest needs to be followed before the surgery. This ensures an effective way of healing post the surgery.

It is also very important to choose a particular cosmetic surgeon to perform the forehead reduction surgery. A surgeon with expertise in cosmetics procedures and also from a reputed cosmetic clinic is the perfect fit for this procedure as it takes effort and time to help a patient prepare for the surgery. It eventually is a boost for the patient if the surgeon cares.


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