How Is Forehead Reduction Done?

November 16, 2017     

How Is Forehead Reduction

We all have felt at some point in our lives that our features are not good enough. Either our lips are too big, our ears are too small and so on and so forth.

Another complexity which has also been given notice is how their forehead is too big. A bigger or more noticeable forehead often can look out of proportion and result in a change in balance of facial features.

Hairlines vary from person to person. Some of them have lower hairlines while some have higher up. The hairline level reflects on the size of the forehead. Hence people often opt for a forehead reduction surgery to reduce the size of their forehead by lowering their hairline.

The Procedure

 Forehead Reduction Procedure

The hairline lowering procedure starts with administering a general or a local anaesthesia to the patient and the average time required for this surgery is around two to three hours.

An incision is made by the surgeon on the desired area of the forehead so as to make it the new hairline for the patient. Once the incision is made, any scar which follows after that is a scar to stay.

While in the surgery, the excess skin of the forehead is removed and resulting in the scalp advancing forward. Once that is done, the incision is then closed with dissolving sutures.

There is also an altercation to this surgery if the scalp is too right or the hairline is higher than the optimum required level. In this case, the surgeon performs a two stage procedure. This procedure is called ‘Expansion Assisted Hairline Advancement’. Surgeons use an expander, which is placed underneath the scalp and behind the hairline. The expander is then inflated by insertion of injections filled with water which eventually stretches the scalp.

In and over a period of four to eight weeks, the device or the expander increases the amount of scalp with hair. Post this there is a second part of the surgery which is done by the surgeon where the expander is removed and scalp tissue which is now in excess is moved forward to make the hairline lower.

This method helps in making the hairline level lower by almost two inches.

Even though hairline reduction is a safe surgery which is highly effective as well, all surgeries have some form of risk involved when performed. The risk with this procedure of hairline lowering may result in bleeding, infections and as well as fluid accumulation. There is also temporary numbness which lasts for a few weeks.

With regard to cosmetic complications, the surgery can result in unfavourable or unwanted scarring on the scalp, asymmetry and also some degree of hair loss around the incisions. All these complications can only be corrected by performing an added series of surgical procedures which come under hair grafting.

It is of utmost importance to consult with a reputed cosmetic surgeon or a cosmetic clinic known for performing surgeries with expertise so that the decisions can be made after understanding and thorough evaluation made by the surgeon to prevent any kind of risks.


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