Do Steroids Cause Gynecomastia?

June 8, 2018     

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Yes! They do
But there are certain things that we should know how and why steroids can cause gynecomastia.

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Society often perceives that women should have a slender and fit body and men should have strong muscular ones, it takes a lot of pain and hard work to develop those attractive muscular and toned body. In order to acquire that men do hit up the gym.

Developing such a kind of huge body manually is really a thing to be appreciated but then there are bodybuilders who start using steroids to make their muscles look more bulkier and use it in the part of bodybuilding regime. These steroids in turn often leads to a condition in men called gynecomastia.

Let’s See How Exactly Does Steroids Induce Gynecomastia

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Gynecomastia is a condition where the breast tissues in the men gets enlarged or swelled up.. Both men and women have breast tissues, basically in men it is not that visible as in women.
The female hormone called estrogen is less in males but this can be induced in men by consuming anabolic steroids. These steroids affect the hormonal balance in men.
Taking extra steroids lessens the natural production of the male hormone called testosterone. The decrease the amount of testosterone and increases the estrogen levels thus creating a confusion in the body. When a person takes up the steroids for the very first time the outcomes are inevitable but a gradual increase in the consumption of steroids can unveil the so-called man boobs.
Symptoms Of Steroid Induced Gynecomastia
While consuming steroids its side effects are not shown up that easily but there are symptoms which you can develop when it comes to gynecomastia.

Some of them are

  • Itching around the nipple area
  • Itchy underarms
  • Protruding of nipples
  • Swelling of breast tissues behind the nipple
  • Sensitivity, tenderness and aching could be felt in breast area
  • Very rare cases, milky discharge comes out from the nipple
  • The size of the breast increases and it varies to different persons

Causes Of Gynecomastia
One should understand that not all the steroids cause gynecomastia. The ones that cause are

  • Steroids that aromatize like Anadrol, Dianabol and etc.,.
  • Anabolic steroids

Sometimes doctor prescribed medications can also lead to this condition, they are:

  • Anti-hypertensive and Anti-ulcer medications
  • AIDS-related drugsHow To Get Rid of Gynecomastia
    It is obvious that steroids lead to the development of muscles and unfortunately also the developments of breasts , so when it comes to its prevention then gradually decreasing the intake would help a lot. For men who have had gynecomastia very recently the breast will shrink back to its normal size when the intake of steroids is stopped but for the men who has it over a long period of time, even if the consumption of steroids stops, it will not help in decreasing the breast size.

Gynecomastia treatment
Gynecomastia induced can be treated effectively only by surgery. Surgery removes the breast tissue entirely and gets rid of the gynecomastia this procedure is called a mastectomy.
You should stop taking steroids before undergoing the surgery as the surgeon will not perform the surgery unless you do so as it this might increase the risks.

Surgery is carried out under a general anesthetic, and by the end of the surgery, a small curved scar under the nipple an be found. All of the breast tissue will be removed from there.
The results are usually positive and can be seen immediately.

So if you are into consuming steroids, firstly try and stop it as natural bodybuilding is always better than adding artificial stimulants in your body to speed the process. If however, you still use steroids, the chances of you getting gynecomastia increases. If you need a surgery or treatment for gynecomastia in Hyderabad, visit us at Cosmosure clinics and we can make sure that your condition is treated effectively and efficiently as well.

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