Do you need Forehead Reduction?

October 31, 2017     

Forehead Reduction

Too much of anything is bad. Sorry for the cliche, but imagine having a forehead that’s bigger than needed. Now it doesn’t sound like a cliche anymore, does it?

Often, people realise that their forehead is either too large or their hairline is too high. This results in an inappropriate balance of facial features of the person.

Fixing this by lowering the hairline as such is done with the help of a particular cosmetic procedure which is a hairline lowering surgery or the forehead reduction surgery. This procedure aims to bring the hair and the scalp lower to the forehead.

This surgery has been implemented and performed in many countries and in India as well where research shows that majority of the men face this problem in most countries.

Even though this procedure is relatively expensive and varies between four to six lakhs in India, a lot of people have gone ahead with the surgery and almost all of them are happy with the results.


Who is the adequate candidate?

The candidacy is mostly based on the particular person’s need and want. There are many people who have a higher hairline and longer foreheads but they are completely okay with it.

However, there are also a lot of people who are not comfortable with having a higher hairline or having a longer forehead. They qualify as an adequate candidate.

In some cases, people who have a very thin hair density should not opt for this procedure as such as it may eventually result in uneven growth of hair as the density which is already less might become lesser if the hairline is lowered.

Apart from a few variables, most people who are in good health can undergo forehead surgery.

Even though this is an expensive procedure, most people go through this surgery as they consider it a better alternative for hair transplant as such. The reason why they prefer this is because the procedure of hair transplant requires many sessions with the patient and requires more time for the results to actually show.

Hence, the procedure of hairline lowering or forehead reduction is more precise and also achieves the desired results faster and more efficiently as such compared to other surgeries.

All in all, there is no surgery which does not come with risks. A cosmetic surgeon with years of experience and expertise should be consulted with so that they can understand the needs and requirements of a person according to how their body looks and works. It is very important that the surgeon understands the patient’s body as well before giving in to the needs and wants of the person who is going through the surgery.