Skin Pigmentation? Try Q-Switched Laser Treatment

June 26, 2018     

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One of the first things you do after waking up is looking in the mirror. You find yourself staring at the acne spots, scars, and pigmentation patches and begin the day on notes of disappointment and inconfidence. You don’t have to go through this anymore, you can wake up feeling beautiful with just a little treatment.  We at Cosmosure promote self-worth and self-appreciation. We believe you are beautiful the way you are. We just work at enhancing your beauty. Read on to know more about how to get rid of pigmentation problems.

Best treatment for Pigmentation problems in hyderabad, skin care specialist near me

What exactly is pigmentation?

Pigmentation is basically the abnormal colouring of your skin due to a disorder or disease. Your skin gets darker if there is more melanin than required, this kind of pigmentation is called hyperpigmentation. And your skin gets lighter when the melanin produced is very less than required, this kind of pigmentation is called Hypopigmentation.

What causes pigmentation?

Special skin cells produce a pigment called melanin which is responsible for the colour of your skin and its evenness or unevenness in your body. Its production is affected when these cells are damaged or become unhealthy causing disorders that sometimes affect patches of your skin and sometimes your entire body. There are a lot of causes for pigmentation. Some are aftereffects of a condition or disease, some are genetic and some are diseases themselves. Listed below are a few causes for pigmentation,

  • Pregnancy
  • Endocrine Disease
  • Freckles
  • Sun Spots
  • Age Spots
  • Brown Spots
  • Melasma
  • Birthmarks
  • Pimples and acne

What is the solution for pigmentation?

Amidst many treatment methods, we will talk about a laser treatment that has proved to be effective to treat pigmentation. The Q-Switched Laser Treatment.

What is a Q-Switched Laser Treatment?

A Q-Switched Laser Machine is used to give out a beam of energy at a specific wavelength, which the affected skin absorbs. The pigmentation breaks off into smaller fragments and naturally clears away the blemishes. Levels and frequencies are set to address specific conditions and expectations. This procedure is also used to rejuvenate skin and remove permanent tattoos along with treating hyperpigmentation.Laser Skin Pigmentation Treatment in Hyderabad, skin specialist near me

What are the advantages of this procedure?

  • Results are positive almost all the time. The procedure has been proved to b highly effective.
  • The procedure is safe for Indian skin and is less time consuming as it takes about 12-15 mins and is done once every 3-4 weeks. You can return back to work immediately after the sitting.
  • This is a completely painless procedure.

Is This A Permanent Solution To Pigmentation?

Pigmentation is a complex phenomenon. It is an interplay of many external and internal trigger factors. Treating these underlying factors and following up with sun protection can prevent recurrence.

As much as we believe in internal beauty, we wish for you the same externally. We at Cosmosure have skin specialists who are the best in their field. They have been practicing for more than a decade and have been accredited by the best institutions of the country. They have treated the most complicated cases and have provided successful results.

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