Treating Melasma With A Q-Switch Laser

May 9, 2018     

Melasma is one of the most common skin problems to be found. In the condition of melasma, the patient’s skin is known to darken with discoloured patches on the surface. Melasma is more common in women than men, with as much as 90% patients comprising of the female gender. But this number does not imply that men cannot be affected by it.



Due to the discolouration in patches that melasma causes it is quite easy to identify the melasma problem, for doctors and patients alike. In general, the spots tend to be darker than the natural skin tone of the patient, and in most cases, these patches occur on the face. One peculiar pattern about these patches is that they are symmetrical and will be present in equal measure on both sides of the face. Medical science suggests that the parts of the skin that are heavily exposed to the sun could be the other areas that melasma could affect.

Melasma on Forehead

These patches generally appear in the following areas on the body-

  • Chin
  • Forehead
  • Nose bridge
  • Cheeks

What causes Melasma?

There are several factors that dermatologists conclude as the possible reason for Melasma, but there still is no definite reason established to determine its cause. Estrogen and progesterone sensitivity is highly associated with melasma, as are birth control pills, hormone therapy, and pregnancy, which could all trigger melasma. Stress and thyroid disease are further reasons for the problem, in addition to sun exposure, which tends to affect the cells that control pigment.

Causes Melasma

Diagnosis and Melasma Treatment using Q-Laser

Most dermatologists diagnose Melasma only by looking at the patches as well as their symmetrical nature.

There are many treatment methods available for melasma, but here we will look into the Q-Switch laser therapy method, which has grown immensely popular in recent times. The Q-Switched laser technique helps in skin rejuvenation as well as many other problems apart from melasma.

Melasma Treatment using Q-Laser

Melasma Treatments which use the likes of chemical peels and topical medications are known to solve the melasma problem. But due to the repetitive nature of melasma, these treatments might not prove to be highly effective in the long run.

Other methods being used are several types of laser, and light therapy, which again has the recurrence factor to deal with and only Q-Switched lasers are more effective than the others.

With Q-switch Laser, it helps in penetrating up to 1 cm deep, while also taking into account it does not make much energy of these lasers to destroy melanosomes. These Q-Switch lasers also do not produce pain for the patients, eliminating further complications like oedema and erythema which comes as baggage with other procedures.

For Q-Switch laser treatments, to successfully achieve the best results, the patient needs to do at least four sessions monthly once

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