What Are The Common Pediatric Skin Disorders?

February 18, 2020     

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Skin diseases vary in persistence and severe, while some are temporary and the others permanent with pain or without pain. Some are infectious, while others are hereditary. Some skin conditions are insignificant, while others can be life-threatening.

Finding a bump, rash, red scar, or blemish on a child’s body is more common than not finding it. Most of them are not worried; However, some may care more than others. There are many pediatric skin disorders that trained pediatric dermatologists can diagnose and treat babies and children’s skin problems. These include eczema, rashes, lumps and skin infections. There are nine prevalent childhood skin diseases that parents need to be aware so that their child can get diagnosed and treated correctly by a board-approved pediatric dermatologist.

This article presents some information about common skin conditions so patients can identify them better. As always, if you have a problem, contact a Dermatologist.

Skin Disorders In Children:

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Skin diseases often occur in children. Children can suffer from the same skin disease as adults. Infants and toddlers are also at risk of experiencing diaper related skin problems. As children are more often exposed to other children and germs, they can also develop skin diseases that are rare in adults. Many children’s skin problems disappear with age, but children can also inherit permanent skin conditions. In most cases, doctors can treat the baby’s skin condition with topical creams, drug lotions, or medications specifically for specific conditions.

Common childhood skin disorders include:


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Acne is a prevalent skin condition that affects millions of Indians of all ages but can be very problematic in the population of children. It is caused by complex interactions between clogged pores, oil production, inflammation and bacteria. Acne can cause skin discolouration and permanent spots, even without acne. Acne can affect one’s well-being, and patients treated for acne often report a higher quality of life when their skin starts to improve.

Dermatologists have developed many treatments to improve acne, including medical soaps, creams, and pills. These medications are applied in various combinations over time; this treatment can bring extraordinary results for most people. But in some cases, this standard therapy is not enough, and the dermatologist can prescribe stronger treatments.


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Warts are infectious skin growths caused by viruses on the skin. Warts can appear anywhere on the body, but they often appear on the arms, legs, or face. Some warts do not need to be treated. However, a dermatologist can treat stubborn, painful, or diffuse warts. Treatment can take several months and options include internal administration of liquid nitrogen, surgical removal, or administration of antiviral drugs.


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Hives are the result of an allergic reaction. They appear as small bumps of red itching or sores that can also be painful. Contact with allergens such as food or drugs can cause hives. Some common allergies are peanuts, eggs, and shellfish can also cause hives. Although hives are harmless if your child has breathing problems, including coughing and wheezing along with itching, this may indicate a more serious allergic reaction that requires immediate medical attention. Antihistamines are the standard treatment for hives.

Molluscum Contagiosum:

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Molluscum contagiosum is an infectious rash caused by a virus. These bumps can occur in almost all parts of the body, but most often in the folds of armpit skin, back of the knee, and groin. In its mildest form, this is a benign condition and does not warrant treatment. A pediatric dermatologist can treat it to limit it’s spread to other parts of the body, control itching, reduce transmission to others, and minimize the risk of scarring. Treatment options include administering liquid nitrogen or internal cantharidine, surgical removal, or administering antiviral cream at home.


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Eczema or atopic dermatitis is a dry and itchy rash that can develop in early childhood. The area that is often affected is the skin folds on the elbows, knees, and wrists. Eczema can usually improve with time. However, some people need long-term care in adulthood. This treatment focuses on gentle care and moisturizing skin without odour, care and hydration, and controlling inflammation and itching. Treatment options include over-the-counter moisturizers, prescription inflammation, antihistamines for itching, and, in more severe cases, oral medications prescribed by a dermatologist.


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Psoriasis is a skin disease, mostly hereditary, and has got to do with the immune system. The immune system causes skin cells to multiply too quickly. Healthy skin cells mature and fall from the surface of the body for 28 to 30 days. However, it only takes three to four days for the skin affected by psoriasis to mature and reach the surface. Instead of falling, cells accumulate and form lesions. Redness of the skin is a common sign caused due to increase in blood flow.


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Impetigo is a bacterial infection of the skin that is contagious and can quickly spread to the skin. It causes yellow crust, red ulcers and fluid-filled blisters. It often occurs in children and athletes (especially in contact sports) or in people with skin disorders that cause skin damage. Depending on the severity, impetigo can be treated with an antibacterial cream or pill to prevent deeper infections and prevent further spread.


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Birthmarks are benign skin growths that appear early in childhood, and it’s common for teens and young people to develop new birthmarks. Birthmarks can grow more significant as babies grow and become darker over time. It is essential to see a dermatologist if the birthmark changes, especially if they do not look like other moles, bleeds, or have any additional features. A pediatric dermatologist can monitor children with more than 50-100 moles, very large birthmarks, or parents with a history of skin melanoma cancer.

Treating Pediatric Skin Disorders:

Not all skin diseases respond to treatment. Some conditions disappear without treatment. People with permanent skin conditions often suffer from severe symptoms. Sometimes people can force an incurable condition into remission. Most skin disorders reappear due to specific triggers, such as stress or disease.

You can often treat temporary and cosmetic skin conditions by:

  • Medicated makeup
  • Over-the-counter skincare products
  • Good hygiene practices
  • Small lifestyle adjustments, e.g. Certain changes in your diet

If the skin condition is not treated with the above methods, meet a dermatologist. Standard methods for treating skin disorders by doctors include:

  • Antihistamines
  • Medicated creams and ointments
  • Antibiotics
  • Vitamin or steroid injections
  • Laser therapy
  • Targeted prescription medications

Knowing the right skincare and treating skin conditions can be very important for skin health. Some conditions require the attention of a doctor, while others can be treated safely at home. You need to find out about your symptoms or condition and talk with your doctor to determine the best treatment option.


When looking for a local pediatric dermatologist to talk about skin conditions in children, there are a lot of factors to consider. Since your child’s health is essential, and you need to find a doctor with in-depth knowledge and experience in dermatological care for children. At Cosmosure Clinic, we are proud that our doctors are well experienced in providing treatment for children’s and adults skin conditions.

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