Rhinoplasty: Who Can Get It And Recovery After The surgery

February 20, 2018     

Rhinoplasty Who Can Get It done

Crooked or disfigured nose?  We see many people in our day-to-day lives who might have a nose which is not particularly normal as such. There are people with small noses, large noses, not very well-aligned nose and so on.

Recovery After The Rhinoplasty Surgery

Most people do not consider the option of reconstruction of their noses so that they can gain some confidence on how they look to the outside world.  Rhinoplasty surgery is the method of cosmetically reconstructing the nose to repair any kind of defect in the nose of a person. There are two types of rhinoplasty: Open and Closed rhinoplasty . The choice depends on the extent of correction that needs to be done.

Who is a good candidate for Rhinoplasty Surgery? Any person who is unhappy with the figuration of their nose is a good candidate for rhinoplasty surgery.  Apart from the obvious reason to opt for a rhinoplasty surgery, the patient must also be of adequate age for the surgery to be performed.  The patient must also be physically healthy and have complete facial growth. It is also advised for the patient to stop smoking, at least one month before the rhinoplasty surgery takes place.

Recovering from Rhinoplasty Recovery time after rhinoplasty takes several days before the nose is completely healed. Once the surgery of rhinoplasty is done, the bandaging will be removed after a week.  There will be swelling around the eyes and the nose as well for several days. Recovery time after rhinoplasty takes 10-14 days only for the swelling and bruising goes down. The surgeon prescribes pain killers for the bruising and swelling to go down.  Post the surgery, it is also advisable to keep the head elevated and also still to some extent for the first few days post the surgery.

Recovering from Rhinoplasty

The nose is an integral part of our face and we at Cosmosure make it our first priority to help our patients achieve the perfect nose through the procedure of Rhinoplasty with the help of our skilled and expert cosmetic surgeons.

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